Miserable eh!

Ok.. Last nite.. i received a phone call from leo.. saying that my laptop is officially dead… haih! SAD! Before i sent it to repair.. it is still good.. just that it is a bit slower.. then after 2 weeks i came back from KL.. i claimed my laptop back and it can no longer be SWITCH ON again… why why why??! before that i still can online and use my laptop as usual leh!!! *angry*

Anyhow.. i sent to leo few days ago and he told me that my laptop knot be switch on at all.. so he checked my motherboard and it is spoilt. HUHU! T.T I miss my laptop.. It’s DEAD!! DEAD!!!! HOW CAN!!!! only 3 years plus nia… haih.. haih haih..

This year is not gonna be a good one for me.. First.. my fone spoilt.. secondly.. my camera shutter spoilt.. and now.. my laptop spoilt!!! I feel like banging my head on the wall u noe.. and.. i m going to melbourne for vacation soon.. daddy spent so much on me liao.. and yet.. my all electronic stuff spoilt! IDOIT!!!

Don ever tell me what “if the old one dint go.. new one never comes” this kind of thing! so easy to get a new one meh! limited budget k! U sponsor me i don mind lah! *haiH*

Okay..now i don wan anything liao.. not thinking of changing any phone liao.. not thinking of repairing my camera liao.. never think of getting a DSLR anymore now.. i just wan a laptop!! to be specific.. i just wan my old laptop back. haih!

Emo ah yien! *cry*