His Friends call him Zhen Hang.

My Friends call him Steve.

His family call him Hang Hang.

My family call him Steve.

His Gang call him Hang.

My Gang call him Mr.Tan.

He call me Dear.

I call him Dar.

YUp.. He is mine! =)

He had a very good temper.. so much better than me..

He is patience.. I m sometimes not.. depending on what..

All the times.. he is always very observant.. and me.. i m always so careless..

At times.. he write down all the reminders for me so that i wont forget to do wadever i need to do..

He prepared lip moisturiser, toothbrushes, lotion and everything which i really forgot to bring..

Sometimes.. he is happily forced to play with my favourite bear.. keren.. YES.. its A BEAR! don hestitate..

They share a lot of similarities.. i love him.. i love her too.. he had a very charming big eyes..

She had too!

hahhahahaha!! i know its very random… aiyo.. so long din see him liao ma.. haih! *miss him so so so much*

Next teaser post will be my parents liao! hahahaha!