The reason which motivate me to write this entry is because i feel blessed.. and i feel lucky that steve and i do not have this kinda situation. AMen.

Oh.. before i start the story…


Ok.. here’s my story.. here is goes.. i somehow found a story of a man very stupid and pity. Oh.. what i can say is really these two words. STUPID n PITY. Perhaps.. it explained love is blind? hahaha!! i guess so.. so cant blame him as well..

I was too bored and too nth to do that hour.. so i decided to go for some gossip.. hmm.. in fact.. i am really sorry and pity about him for what things are. This guy is a loyal guy.. he love his gf.. but some how.. this girl is a total bitch who loves to flirt and is generous in spreading love to others.. the guy did not know until this year. WHAT A PITY.

They broke up once and decided to go back together again becoz the girl is too lonely. The guy is stupid.. so he agrees.. somehow.. the guy need to go somewhere for furthur studies and left the gf here exposed to great opportunity to hunt for other guys.. The relationship doesnt work out of coz.. the girl change her heart 3 or 4 times in the relationship. the truth is.. actually the girl get back to the guy only for a comfort place.. when the guy go.. the girl keep looking for other options while maintaining the pity guy as a spare tire.

Months later.. the girl finally found some target.. so she started to ignore the guy.. the guy was stupid.. he thought the girl is just busy or sth.. he is patient as he love her. He din know the true colours of the girl even thou he know her for years.. PITY o not.. and yet.. LOVE is blind.. he knows the girl somehow doesnt love him with the true heart but yet… He is willing to be there for her.. STUPID o not.. i never know he can be so stupid… but nevermind.. at least i think now he knows.. he hate himself for being so stupid as well.. PITY.

The even more ridiculous thing… HIS BEST FREN.. also the girl’s BEST FREN.. knew about the girl hunting for guys all these while.. she knows the girl cheat on the guy.. she knows everything..but when everytime the guy is sad and ask for advice or ask wad is happening??  She choose to lie to the guy that nth is happen.. WHAT THE F*CK?? This is wad u call “BEST FRIEND”???? WTF WTF WTF!! and.. even until today when they meet.. she can treat like nth happen and she never felt sorry. WOW!!! guilty? NO? *salute*

DEFINE BEST FRIEND?? and another kolien de Point.. He still treat her as best friend. HAHAHA! FUNNY O NOT? U can see how generous this guy is. I salute. For This girl who is considered as his BEST FRIEND. I think somehow u should be ashamed of urself.. this is not wad a best fren will do.. if u think protect the girl friend is more important.. at least u hint or giv advice to him.. so that he will not be so sad or be so stupidly betrayed.. OR perhaps.. U CAN ADVICE UR GIRL FRIEND that she should not go into two relationship in a time OR do not play with the guy (her best fren as well). MAKE sense??

I SALUTE to these kind of ppl who keep considering themselves as their best friend but still not speaking the truth.. perhaps.. she really do help the guy a lot last time.. but still… think properly… CANT U DIFFERENTIATE BLACK AND WHITE?! HAHAHAHAHA!! *I din mean to insult anyone.. its non of my business.. just that.. i find it ridiculous*

WHAT can i say?? THERE are so many KINDS of ppl in this world… Shameful..

BUT the GOOD NEWS is… Steve and I owes have OUR gang who treated us sincerely and really as BEST FRIENDS… and also my secondary sch mates…i love u all.. after i know all the incident happen to that guy… I m so thankful to GOD for giving me the gang and my sista who owes love me with HONESTY.


And my Dar.. he has wonderful ex-classmates and the gang as well!! ohh!! we r so happie.. I PRAY HARD that the guy’s incident will NEVER happen to us or any of our friends.

p/s: Be By God’s Side.. he will giv u the real friends.. but not the so called “best friend”. But still.. the guy is living happily right now.. God bless. ^^ i hope somehow the “best fren” read this and she will apologise to the guy someday. ^^ God bless u too. BUT not ur slutty girl friend. =) Belief in KARMA. She will rot in hell. ^^

Do you have any stories to tell?? share le…~

Ever since i start to work.. or should i say step into this society.. there are stil a lot of things i have to learn.. omg omg!! U SEE THIS.. wad kind of ppl oso got ah in this world.. just lucky for me.. i haven been thru all this hardship. For most.. GOD BLESS me to have a PERFECT family.. A LOVING BF.. a bunch of great sistas.. and a group of ultimate premium SINCERE gang. Guess what.. I love u all!


Again.. please be reminded the motivation of writing this entry is NOT to insult or humiliate anyone.. i just feel THANKFUL that steve and i do not have such situation. But as for the girls.. if u feel insulted.. hmm.. I GUESS u shud feel ashamed of urself more. ^^ Have a nice day ppl!!

In conclusion, Love is blind. the girl is damn ugly. Trust me.. Ugly is not a sin.. BUT.. having a personality which loves to cheat on Bfs and having few relationship with others at the same time.. make her more uglier.. right?? One word : SINFUL. The world is full of unexpected devils!