Random Thoughts

Just finish updating the news for QZ8501 which disappeared on the 28th December 2014 and crashed into the Java Sea off borneo. Currently 40 bodies have been discovered with 9 identified. Reading the news with a heavy heart.. report says that most of the corpse will probably be sinking after 2 weeks in the sea.. Aviation disasters are always very cruel.. the victims are either found in bad shape, burnt and unidentified or even never been found. The only thing that can make the family of the victims to feel better is to retrieve the black box and let them know what happened up there. Putting myself in the shoes, I really couldn’t take it.. Life is just so fragile, things happened so fast there’s no room to even plead Goodbye. Today is more depressed, with news of a secondary school friend leaving the world, natural disasters nowadays and aviation disasters. Too many accidents happened in just a short period of time, what’s wrong with the world today? Isit a call to home soon? 

For the family of the victims, sorry for the loss, be strong and continue living for them. For the fortunate, it is a ringing bell to appreciate life and people around you more. Live everyday like its your last day. I’m flying off tomorrow for a friend’s wedding. Pray for a safe flight.