Reckless Driver

The problem with Kuching drivers is either they drive tooo fast or they drive way tooo slow.

Heipi (stevo’s doggy) got hit by a Reckless driver in a sedan car. But luckily he is alright. jus the leg. =( I think its probably some bitchy lady driver who obviously duno how to DRIVE properly or some fresh drivers from P license. Ish..! And somemore HIT and RUN.. First thing.. u duno how to drive.. then its better for u to stay at home and rot. Secondly.. if u duno how to apologize or responsible for the accident.. Prepare ur ass to go to jail next time when u hit and run a HUMAN. God Bless.

and guess what.. 2 more days it will be his 1 year old bday. so kesian.

Oh.. and u know what.. today i encounter 2 lady drivers who drive so freaking slow as if they are crawling. One.. drive as if they road belongs to her.. and is very undecided whether she wanted to go to the direction she signaled. Second lady.. i think she wants to wait until tomorrow then only she is willing to turn out to the roundabout and she brakes like.. once in a few seconds even thought there is NO car in front of her!! Why cant u ladies just ask someone to send u since u duno how to drive! ISH! STAY AT HOME LAH!