Two Boeing 777s, Two rare aviation disasters, Two different countries, One Airline.

This is the second aviation disasters from Malaysia Airlines within the 6 months time. MH 370 is still no where to be found and MH 17 got shot down over Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines #MH17, first flew on the 17th July 1997, crashed on 17th July 2014, Operating for 17 years. Tragedy. How many lives have been sacrificed. How fragile human beings can be. Try to appreciate people around you more while you can. You never knew when accidents approach. 

The incident bring back a lot of mishaps happened recently. I should really learn to appreciate people around me, especially those with the true and purest heart. I know what I am doing 🙂 Give me some time. Things will be better. Way better. 

Screenshot_2014-07-18-17-10-34To MH 370 and MH 17. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you. Rest in peace.