Shud I go?

Hmm.. i m in my assignment period.. but guess what! Prom night is coming soon! At first i don really bother about Prom nite this year because i din even plan to go at all.. BUT… think twice.. this will be my last prom… yes.. My LAST one in Swinburne.. Should i go?? Its actually very disappointing about the prom.. Hmm.. i believe a lot of ppl do agree with me.. especially if this is the last prom for US.. Hmm… Like i just said, i din plan to go for this year’s prom.. hmm.. due to some issue.. but.. friends keep telling me its my last prom.. 

I don feel like going.. but.. its my last prom.. i don want to have regret next time when i do not have a chance to go prom again.. rite?? there are a lot of things i missed in my uni life.. a lot of things i forgo because of someone or something and a lot of things i have not and never have a chance to experience it.. so.. just a little prom nite… should i just go??

Hmm.. well.. i noe its a nothing-important-post but i just cant make up my mind.. however, i m a bit convinced after talking to a fren. *nyek nyek* yeah! its u! mr. butterfly!! hahaha! so mayb i m going? hehhe!

So simple, what do you think? do you think i make things complicated? or should i just go? 

Anyway.. i love beaver!!

It is just so so so cute!! isnt it?!!! *grin*