Tomorrow will be better

There are days where everything doesn’t seems right on track. Or most probably the way we handle things or the rationality or even the sense of crisis was not there. Gloomy days, how often do we blame on the weather, blame on the situation or even blame on others of the screwed up things instead of blaming ourselves. I am not saying we should just blame ourselves for everything we messed up but there will be a ratio in the occasion to the cause of it. 

Finding solutions, is always better than crying over the split milk. BUT anger, reluctance and avoidance is human being. Its always easier to be said than done. The greatest beauty of human beings is the heart we have and it same goes to the deadliest weakness of the kind. 

A transition in life, a chance to appreciate things & people around us more i would say. And a chance to get rid of the unnecessary presence of certain human being in life 🙂 I know there isnt any point in writing this post. I just feel random and gloomy. 🙂 YOU just have to make decision. A firm one

Things will get better isnt it? Yes my dear. We will make it better 🙂

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