CNY 2009 – 1st Day

Happie moo-moo year everyone!! huhu! this year’s cny i din get to take a lot of pichas.. i din get to visit a lot of houses.. and not much ppl come visiting as i was owes not at home.. sorry buddy!!!! this year was just a lil bit rush.. kekeke!!


Oh… beware… this post will be full of my own picture.. hehe! coz i so pai sei take pic when visiting ma.. so i just diam diam took my own picture only.. hehe! Its the best to have pik qii along because whenever we have her.. we will have lotsa group pics.. which i love so much.. thankiuk pik qi!! *muaks*

*group photos are taken mostly by pik qii.. declare first if not she will ask me to pay money! hhuhu*

So i belief that first day everyone will be going over to grandparents’ house.. some relatives houses and bla bla for me.. of coz m the same too lah.. first thing first.. gRandma house..

Still fresh bah.. so camwhore first!! kekeke!! can say i camwhore the whole journey… *grin*

After that.. went over to mummy’s fren house and daddy’s fren house loh.. wad did i do when they chit chatting?? camwhore oso loh.. wad to do.. but now got companion liao.. my bro– ah Lun!! muahahaha!!

Like sister like brother bah.. we both love to camwhore

Even when was buffet-ing at mummy’s fren hus.. we camwhoreD

How lovely!! kekekkeekkee

papa and mama!

Heading to my baby sitter house.. this women took care of me and my bro for years.. she is like our grandma! *hugs*

I was kinda headache after my baby sitter house so kinda go home and rest for a while.. the next thing happened is when my sistas come over and visit…! weeehehehehe!!

It was almost evening time when we head over steve house.. huhu! i was trying to rush for the third batch of lion dances but i missed all three of them!! SOBX!!!!

Camwhore camwhoreeeeee!!

Lao mao and I.. her chocolate hus! muahahaha!

Together with my sistas at the garden!! i love this pic so much eh!

oooh.. look at him.. tired tired after serving us liao..

come come *sayang*

*Grin* muahaha! i like this pic neh.. i look so maturee.. kekee!

Then we hang out at his house with another 10 ladies and gents for the rest of the nite.. until day 2 !