CNY 2nd Day….!

Second day is so much fun and relax… =) Went to Jacqueline’s house.. mingle for a few hours.. less tiring.. and i enjoy 2nd day of cny! =)

The ladies….

With jacq..

The Guys…!

As usual.. banyak action

We were served with yummy delicious bee hoon..

Extremely sinful porky…..

a 100% satisfying kahlua cheese cake

and.. a bottle of Vodka! hahaha! nah.. jus kidding with the vodka *nyek nyek*

The purple ladies for the day..Oh my!! ahlost look like my daughter!! *huhuhu*

Next up… its the Porky Challenge!!!!

Fat and slurpy porky!!!

Guess whose the lucky one…!!



Second fattening porky eater!!

Mr.Johnston Fooo!!

Hohohoho.. look at the “euww-so-gelik” expression!! Priceless can!

Alex explaining to ahlost he cant take the fatty porky coz he got slightly thin layer of fat!! *hmpf*

So end up ahlost volunteering to enjoy the fatty pork~

*TAda* porky porky!

Posing for all the cameras!

Cut porky into half

Add some mango belacan~


*nom nom nom nom* seeee.. simple and beautiful.. without those weird expression!

Lucky me!! Imagine a mouthful of fatty porky in ur mouth.. delicious? or the other way? wuaalalala!

A sweet groupie pic!

Dinner time!! Whats my favourite muffin again?? Banana muffin! *weeeee*

A bowl of tooo salty mushroom soup.

And half chicken set meal for us to share.. while waiting for Johnston and ahlost =)

i m not greedy hor..