Happy Mooncake Festival 2014

Happy Mooncake Festival to Everyone <3

DSC06568How did you spend your Mooncake Festival this year? I miss lanterns, I miss fireworks, I miss having a small table at the car porch area and admire the moonlight. This year, I had a very simple one. None of those above, just spending time with the family and ahzui with some mooncakes.

DSC06562This year, we have something special. Not really the traditional mooncakes but more to mooncake puffs… with interesting stuffings

DSC06565Raspberry with Egg Yolk

DSC06566Green Tea with Chicken floss.. *yums*

DSC06571This year, just 3 of us, sharing the family moments with these assorted mooncakes. 

DSC06572Oh.. i mean 4 of us…

DSC06557No no… 5 of us. Hehehehehe!