Mooncake Fest @ Carpenter Street, Kuching

Three of the must go occasions/celebrations in Kuching will be Kuching Food Fest, Rainforest Music Festival and Mooncake Fest!! Since i have not been to Food fest and Rainforest this year.. i made an effort to go to the Carpenter Street for the mooncake fest. One of the main reason is also because so far i haven missed out every year’s mooncake fest in Kuching and its one of daddy’s favourite!

Mooncake Festival at Carpenter Street

As usual.. we went early to hunt for our dinner..

We had Aladdin Chicken Rice as base first before we explore the place

The place is soon packed with crowd when the sky turned darker..

Theres some of the stalls…

But the one that caught my attention since Kuching Food Fest was the Gourmet Sausages!!

AHHH!!! i havent got the chance to eat you during Kuching Fest but here i come!!

I had this Hot & Spicy Sausage…

Gladys had black pepper one.. with.. lotsa lotsa mustard and chilli/BBQ sauce! *nom nom nom nom* I WANT TO HAVE MORE OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And… frozen Banana with different flavours!

But i dint give it a try although i love banana. The reason : There’s choc on top D:

Visit Albert’s stall. See how happy he is!

And.. one of the tradition of Mooncake Festival.

The Riddle. and i have no idea what it means 🙁

Just before we went back.. we saw this very cute puppy with specs….

and bag!! seee!! papa is talking to her. hehehee! *cute*

Happie Mid Autumn Day People!!!