Part 2:Happie Mooncake-ing!!

Happie Mooncake-ing everyone!! There’s too many mooncakes at home so its kinda troublesome for me to actually take all the pictures of mooncakes.. so instead.. i show ya some pictures of lantern! hahaha!

This year, i went to Friendship park with lao mao and pik qii.. Hmm.. actually my daddy them coming but guess they are too tired so they at last oso din show up lor. sobx! Anyway.. this is my first time to Friendship Park during mooncake fest.. actually they have it every year but this is my FIrst time! teeehehehe! Lets light up our lantern! weeeeeee!! i think i used up like 6 or 7 candles.. wuakakak.. =D

It was amazing right at there! Everywhere is lantern.. and candles.. It was beautiful, magnificant, overwhelming.. and awesome!! PAPA MAMA… u guys really shud come!!!! 

There are even more and more people doing the candles on the ground.. amazing isnt it? =D

Ok.. thats the candles.. not flaming fire ok? hehehe!

This is the one i love the most!! so pretty can!!

More and More!! these two is the one i love the most lor.. still got tonnes of it out there. =)

Cam whoring time!! 

Hmm.. blur.. haha! but thanks to that lady who took the picture for us neh! thankiuk..

We met fabby and Ken.. so.. Lets cam whore toegther!

Look like i m going fishing! hahahahaha.. 

so..Let’s Go?

I wish my hands are longerrrrrrrrrrrrrr… *lalala*

3 of us!! we neglected ah song’s one coz it was too “modern”… teehehe! Oh.. ah song and ivy join us too!

Oh ya.. they even light up the “KUNG MING” lantern.. which is the very traditonal lantern.. it is BIG.. and it is normally lighted with flame underneath. (KUNG MING lantern is just like a chinese HOT AIR BAllOON). Basically it is for making wish.. they will write all their wishes on the lantern and make it to fly to the sky until it dissappear then the wishes are say to be granted. hahaha.. The actual history i duno la.. =)

The Kung Ming Lantern!

We met too many people there.. and everywhere is so crowded.. but still.. we managed to find our treee! heheh.. just beside fabby’s. so i suggested we do our own love too! 

TADA!!!! i m inside the love!! but cant see my face la.. no matter how many times they have tried.. well.. bcoz of the tree yang lebat.. really knot see la.. so don care la.. at least i noe its me. =D

Lao mao and I with our small tiny love candles..

And.. all of us.. with the so call “famous” friendster pose.. 

lalalalalala.. same oso lah..

Also, met TmoT and Gordon and Ting there.. camwhore camwhore! but photo not with me YET la.. hehe! stay tune!!

Happie Mooncake-ing everyone! Hope u guys have a Great great Great one!!!