Reunion Dinner

keke! i knew it was late.. was kinda busy these few days especially when it was chinese new year.. i dint go to a lot of houses.. i din go out with variety of friends.. i m sorry i din get to spare my time for the gang for the first few days.. =( Anyway.. owes remember i still love u guys la hor..

So.. back to 5 days ago when it was this year’s reunion dinner.. 25th of Jan.. Mummy cooked a lot so must blog out at least one picture each ma.. muahaha!!

We do not have a very grand dinner at hotels or restaurants.. just a simple reunion dinner with our loves one at home.. with dupy as well.. ^^

SO this is the special dish.. mummy created it… ingredient, recipe=secret!

Deep fried big prawns!

Shark fin fried eggs!

Ahyien’s special spring roll!! very nice one hor.. HOR.. Hor..

Mix Vege with my fav canned-abalone

Some kinda mushroom with more mushroom and sea cucumber…

huhuhu!! oh.. we have our reunion dinner during lunch time.. oops.. shud called it a reunion lunch.. then when its dinner time.. we actually have nth better to do and we go Spring to Lepak.. thinking that there might be less ppl there but who noes.. MALAYSIA just like last-minute-shopping! *winks*

My bro was kinda jus come back from KL straight after his exam so basically he has not buy any cny clothes yet.. and somemore he is going for his internship and he nid some formal wear.. its HIS shopping time!!

As for me… i m still doing the thing which i like to do the most.. CAMWHORING!!

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3! satisfied liao.. wuakakaka!!

Oh.. camwhore with me bro b4 we went off.. and guess wad.. ahlost saw it!! muakakakakaka!!!

*shy shy*