The rest of CNY 2009

I thought i got a lot of pichas to separate into Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.. but hor.. when i dig out all the pics.. huhu.. not many lah.. so i just combine everything and make it into one post enuf liao.. huhu!

Day 2 was still busy and packed.. i visited i think more than 10 houses…! Li hai li hai!! But mostly every house i will sit there and look at ppl gambling.. haih! i din get to play hor.. T.T

As usual.. u will see most of my camwhore pics.. and for others.. credits to Pik Qii as she took the group photo! *hugs*

Haih! i duno wad to post la.. i knot find any single picture when we are visiting.. the only house for the whole day which we get to take pichas is at Sylvia’s house.. huhu! probably coz we have more girls here so we tend to camwhore more.. kekeke!

The Camwhore Queeen! and I.. muahaha!

WIth lao mao.. lao mao keep playing with the kids.. so hard to ask her take pic 2gether hor

Gillian Bong Fung Fung! duno why i just like to call her full name! muahaha


The Girls… huhuhu!

And the group pics! the pretty lady in red is Sylvia!! her hus loh

Day 3 was kinda weird.. we ended up at the beach.. HOHO! can u imagine…. going beach during the 3rd day of CNY!! Freaking weird hor.. the reason behind it is bcoz some of the Friends from Singapore are going back at the 4th of 5th day of CNY.. so its kinda a very good idea to gather gather…

And the MAIN thing is.. We din step to the beach at all….!! I din even get to SEE the beach.. All we do is to squueze in the room and gamble, play games and mingle around! love it still!

Of coz not only both of us lah.. still got another 11 of them.. Kok Song, Kheng, ah Pek, Jin Jian, Zhun Cai, Pi Rui, Xin Wei, Siew Ying, Tian Tian, Yi Ru and Kai QIn.. so added up we got 13 ppl squeezing in a very small room.. muahahhaa!! LAO MAO hor… eh zai bo?! *grin*

I din get to snap a pic of everyone but i will try to get it somehow.. ^^

Oh.. this is how i look like after 5 shots of Red WIne…

Not red enuf??! Got more!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! somemore the flash light si bei strong! *hmpf*