Valentine’s Day!

How was your valentine’s celebration just now? I had a great and memorable one… *hugs*

P/s: Tim.. i blog small small only hor.. keke!!

I know it is 4.28am now.. and duno how much time will i spent after the whole blog is posted up. Means it will be a very long one la.. hehe! nvm la hor.. so kind of internet connection today for i am able to go online for so long.. of coz.. using steve’s laptop la.. i curi for 2day so that i can blog! hehe

Early in the morning during valentine’s day..

Not so early lah.. but roughly like that… we decided to go for breakfast.. since he is not sleeping at all after taking care of his grandma the whole night at hospital..

So.. we decided to go to this place to have a breakfast before he headed to work.. so pity neh.. din sleep still nid to work…

Two sleepy faces!

The Kolo Mee i had was too dry. hmpf! somemore don have kiao T.T

His Kueh Chap was niceee! i owes had that too..

we just love teh O!

and the tauke of the popiah smile so happily that morning so end up the popiah was incredibly nice! haha

After that.. i have not been doing much as i was wondering wad is his plan for tonight.. he haven leak out a single thing.. its our first valentines.. and he say he wanna make it special for me. i m happie!

I waited until roughly 6.30pm near to 7pm when he arrived.. He surprised me with a humongous bouquet of red and pink roses… 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9 all together! He said he nid to go back home for a while as he forgot to bring the big bear he is going to give me.. i knew that bear as i saw it before. we even named it “Beer beer”.. so for the sake of bringing beer beer out.. we go to his house..

Beer beer was upstairs in his room so i followed him to his room.. to my very very very surprise.. when i go in his room… words just cant explain!

He rushed to the table and handed me another bouquet!! Its the bear bear bouquet! omg! he knew i love that!! and he even use the couple bedsheet of ours. *sweet*

And we are going to dine in his room.. he decorated it just for me!! ^^

Rose pedals all over the corner..

Floating balloons and unfloated balloons all over the floor.. all over…

and this cute little thing hanging at the toilet door! so cute!

and finally.. i saw beer beer sitting there.. and mumu too.. holding my only-like choc!

and of coz.. i camwhore with him.. its a him! hehe

I m so touched.. i never had a so “hearted” a.k.a wu sim celebration for valentines.. i m holding my tears as i m just so touched of everything.. til then then i knew he really haven sleep for the whole day.. he should be sleepin in the afternoon but instead.. he prepared this.


To the next.. he prepared the meal for me.. he cooked!!

Mushroom soup!

Oh.. beer beer wan a sip too!

His special spaghetti.. trust me.. it really taste so nice..! not bcoz he is the one cooking.. but REALLY.. it was so nice.. i ate 3 bowls of it.. WUAKAKA!

As for dessert.. we had choc mud and blackforest from SR. He knew i love tat!

It was simple.. but.. it was full of love! ahyien is happie! Happie=Camwhore!

After dinner.. was initially planned to look for Ken and Fab as well as Kheng and Hui Hui.. but they ended up going some place which steve and i feel weird to go during valentine’s.. so we are on our own again..

We went to Riverside for a walk.. and it was a not very good plan.. so many M*L*Y** looking at us and it doesnt look so safe to stay there for long.. we camwhore a while and we left.

With candle mode or without?

Ok.. u know the answer.. keke!

Hehe.. okay.. his turn..



Hahaha.. camwhore again in the Car!

I know we are so wu liao la.. but i we just love to camwhore ma..

Riverside is not safe.. so i rather go back to his house and take picture in his garden! hehe!

back in the living room.. camwhore lagi! *tak habis habis!* haha

Happie Valentine’s Day!!

I can feel how much effort u’ve put in..thats all matters..  *love*

Balik rumah.. take pic again.. hehehe!

Hehehe!! SO SO SO CUTE!! i curi balik one! hehe.. its a bear in the balloon.. just like Rhino in BOLT.. haha! so cute!!!

They are both inside sth ma.. keke!!

Anyway.. i duno where he got this rose.. its so HUGE… but.. i love it more..!

HAPPIE VALENTINES!! i hope everyone had a great one! *hugs*

Okey.. it is now 5.51am.. chaos!