1901 @ The Spring

WWWOoottss! After so many prank we had been through for visitng 1901 which was said to be opened few days back, now, 1901 is FINALLY OPENED at The Spring (opposite Tai Kiong)…!! 

We went at the FIRST day of its operating.. Meet up with Tim & Ting, Gordon, Eve, Aaron and Gladys for our one-hour lunch at Mei Mei and we decided to tabao 1901!! The queue was obviously not very long during afternoon time but the workers who are preparing the food is so SLOW.. hhaha! but its their first day of work so.. understandable lah..!

Its located at the middle of the walk path so.. hmm.. small.. but better than don have lor.. ^^ 

The Menu! 

A lot of photograhpers taking pictures of it.. and there’s my version! *nyek nyek nyek*

We tabao 6 regular size 1901.. regular size as in yellow boxes! ^^ 

3 New York Chicken and 3 Chicago Beef.. i guess those are the famous one arent they?!

New York Chicken

Chicago Beef

The EATERS!!! *wuakakaka* 

Soon.. when dinner’s time come.. we went to 1901 for dinner AGAIN! omg! my tummy is stuffed with Hotdogs for the whole day eh! hahahahahah!

Now.. we have the GREAT size.. I actually ordered the regular size but guess its the first day of work and they are too busy so they just make everything not accordingly to the orders. hehe! anyway.. its ok lah..

GREAT size in Green Boxes!

Great size comes with extra long hotdogs!!

New York Chicken

Deutsch Doodle Dang.. hahaha! 

I had Chicago Beef for dinner but the presentation is not very nice so i dint post up lor hor..

So, go have a try… My own liking will be Chicago Beef lah! hahahahaha!! New York Chicken is everyone’s favourite as well.. *nyek nyek*