40 hours Christmas in Singapore : Putien & Dian Xiao Er Must Eat

November 2018 : A quick Singapore spree before flying off to Taiwan

Long story cut short! Lets see how we spend our 40 hours in Singapore! 

1pm : Off to my favourite restaurant “Putien”, a one Michelin star restaurant in Singapore. We went to the one at Vivocity so we can have a stroll at the rooftop after the meal.

I wanted to order everything in the menu…. *clap clap*

Drunken cockles SGD 10.90 Probably the freshest cockles i’ve had. I love how they served the cockles on top of a bed of alcohol goodness. Awww aww aww

Iced bitter gourd SGD 7.90 Served chilled and crunchy. Dipped in the sweet chilli. Absolutely a 100% must order starter

Deep-fried duck with yam SGD 17.90 Yam + Duck = Love

Putien Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees SGD 14.90

Putien Lor Mee SGD 10.90 I’ve always love heng hua dishes. It is as if you are slurping a combination of all the goodness from pork, prawn, clam and all the veges that are braised in hours. Highly recommended too!

Putien Crispy Oysters SGD 17.90 Fresh and juicy oysters covered with a thin egg batter, whipped up to perfection! One of my must order too!

Braised Pig Intestine SGD 14.90 Say no more! Even my mother and brother who dislike intestine approved it! I absolutely love how the intestine are braised to perfection, it is not chewy but al dente in all the good ways. Thumbs up!

Best eaten with the special blended chilli

Putien Bian Rou Soup SGD 4.90/pax 

100-Second Stewed Yellow Croaker SGD 14.90 It is best known for its tender and boneless texture. It is almost like melting in your mouth with a hugh explosion of flavours! Full marks!

I love Putien <3

4pm : We went for a stroll on the rooftop and they are having doggy graduation ceremony there. So cute!

And all the unlighted Christmas decor!

We were all lazy so we bought some grocery food and just dozed off

11am : Good Morning! We rock the second day with my brother’s recommended restaurant called Dian Xiao Er.

I like the touch of the interior design featuring the olden days. So much feel! 

Start off with the best dish of the day : 

Herbal Roast Duck. Duck is roasted perfectly, crispy skin tender juicy meat infused in the herbal essence gravy. 100/100

Golden Lotus Roots w Pumpkin. Heavy coated with butter and egg yolk. A sinful and satisfying dish. Fatty level 99

Poached spinach with century and salted egg. This dish is always one of the must order if it appears in the menu

Mongolian pork rib. Family love it too!

Braised yee mee with scallop. Thumbs up!

Double-boiled wintermelon w conpoy. Light but flavourful

I had Bengawan Solo pandan cheese roll as dessert no.1 before proceeding to Orchard for my second nostalgic dessert.

Hello Orchard. Orchard is full of christmass decor with Disney as the theme for this year. 

The old school street ice cream of Singapore. Are you the ice cream with cracker person or the ice cream with bread person?

And my third dessert along the street of Orchard — Cream Cheese Mochi Haagen-Darz! SOOO GOOOOD for a cheese and mochi person like me!

They have real mochi bits in the cream cheese ice cream!!!! #screeeeamm

And the street came alive when the sun sets. Lets the picture do the talking :

This is how we end our 40 hours in Singapore. Thankiuk le bro for the food <3

Hello Taiwan!