7-Eleven in Taiwan is AWESOME!

7-eleven in Phuket got this very famous rice burger which costs only 16 baht which is dirt cheap for such yummylicious burger!!! *slurps* Sorry couldnt find the pic. huhuhu!

However… 7-Eleven in Taiwan is AWESOME!!!! Ahhhh!! one of the significant thing i missed a lot when i came back is…… their 7 Eleven!!! *die of happiness*

We had supper EVERYDAY and 80% of them were from their 7-Eleven.. of coz.. we also had some local delicacies as supper too. *keke*

Famous Taiwan Bento 国民便当!

The two very common one were drumstick bento 鸡腿便当 and pork ribs bento 排骨便当. Both were equally tasty…! I think the main reason is because of their rice. Taiwan rice… *nyek nyek nyek* Its different than what we had here. Not even bario rice.

Drumstick Bento!!! 鸡腿便当 *me love*

Pork Ribs Bento!! 排骨便当 *fainting delicious*

and.. a special one.. mixed bento… 综合便当.. mixed bento consist of drumstick, ham, pork chop, sausage, tofu skin and some side dishes!! I must say.. even though its just the side dish like shredded radish.. sweet corn or bean curd… they were awesomely tasty!

My all time favourite… Spaghetti Carbonara with bacon!! Swear this is the best among all!!! Honestly.. i think it taste WAY BETTER than those served in restaurants..

Its extremely creamy but the at same time the noodle is still very Q. The bacon added a slight roasted aroma to it and it immediately brings the whole plate of pasta to the top of the world! *MUAHAHAHA*

Tomato cheese baked beef rice!!!

its just as awesome as how it look like!! and… its cheezy!

Fried Beef Noodle in “Sha Cha” style! 沙茶牛肉炒面

Tomato rice wrapped in egg! 番茄蛋包饭

and next to it… its the double flavoured onigiri 双馅御饭团… this one is tuna mayo and lobster flavour…

Well.. there really are lobster meat and tuna mayo! *love*

My second favourite!! FRIED CHICKEN!!!

Can you believe it! After they micro for you.. the skin is still crispy.. and the meat… soft, tender and juicy!!! its more favorable than KFC i must say.. Oh.. and in terms of spices and the size.. i prefer this than KFC. *oppps*

Shrimp dumplings!!

Porkie dumplings!! they are all my fav!

Curry Pork Chop with eggie wrapped rice!! *tasted like Japanese curry*

Lobster egg and salmon egg sushi roll!!

Ham & Cheese and Mayo EGG white bread

Pork Chop Sandwich and Lobster Sandwich… I miss this a lot tooO!!!

As for dessert… my first choice is.. Spongebob Pudding Cake!!! The reason is called pudding cake because its sweet with some eggie aroma and the texture is as smooth as pudding.. *olala*

It goes perfectly with the famous fresh milk 林风营鲜奶… Well.. i had 8 Spongebob pudding cake throughout my Taiwan Trip!!!

Caramelized Pudding 焦糖布丁!!

Steamed Cheese Cake!! Its better than you thought!

Taiwan Local Beer!!

And some other interesting beverages!!

Theres still a lot more which i dint get to take pic of them because we were too excited and finished it in seconds.. such as the sausages in 7-11 with lotsa mustard sauce recommended by Anne!! i really love it!!

Well… staying up midnight with the 7-11 food while catching up the latest series… heavenly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7-Eleven in Malaysia? *shakes head + a lil bit roll eyes* kekeke!