Absolutely my favourite Xiao Long Bao @ Din Tai Fung, Singapore

Everytime I went to Singapore, I would never miss Din Tai Fung. Its probably the sampler of my food list in Singapore. Yeah there’s Din Tai Fung in KL and I heard a few not too impressive food comments as well but my frequency of going to Singapore and KL is in the ratio of 5 : 1. I went to Singapore more often because of my brother, so… forget about Din Tai Fung KL and focus on my post on Din Tai Fung Singapore!

DSC02769I always order the same thing whenever I visit Din Tai Fung and I guess my food list is similar to most of the customers here. I guess the signatures always win huh!

First of all, this not too appealing dish introduced by le brother. I kinda give him the meh’ expression at first but its not long until I fall in love with this..

DSC02746Oriental Salad in special vinegar dressing. its basically made of shredded seaweed, bean sprouts, chilli, bean-curd, rice vermicelli and tossed in a very light tangy dressing. Definitely an ideal appetizer!

DSC02751Another appetizer that I adored will be the fragrant steamed pork with crushed garlic and hot chilli oil. I love spicy food and this combination of simple steamed pork belly with a heavy dressing bring everything to the next level!

DSC02753Small bites : One of my favourite.. yeah.. bascially everything I ordered will be my favourite. *grin* Chilli Oil and black vinegar Wanton! Not as good as the one I had in Taiwan but well, it still able to satisfy my cravings. One of the very important element of chilli oil wanton is the amount of the chilli oil poured. The chilli oil should not be flooding the wanton, it should be just right for the wanton to just sit on top of it. And needless to say, the generous amount of spring onions just add more flavour to it. Oh well, it would be best if its cilantro isnt it. To your surprise, its not as spicy as it look.

DSC02747For the soup, I always had Braised beef and tendons soup. Reason being I’m not a big fans of ramen noodles but I absolutely love beef and tendons. So soup without noodles but with my lovely beef and tendons will always be my choice. The awesome thing about the meat is that they were braised until so tender that they will easily fall apart when you use your chopstick to hold it. What more to say, it was braised until all the goodness of the soup had infused in the meat. Yums. Melt in  your mouth kinda thing!

DSC02767We ordered their signature fried rice with shrimps and eggs. I love it. I am certainly not a fried rice person because as I mentioned before, I love to eat a lot of things, specificly varieties of food, fried rice to be its like.. one thing. One fried rice and there’s nothing to eat with it.. very irony for me. However, I somehow like the fried rice here because its oily and fragrant. The rice is very moist and it doesnt stick together. Keep you eating it non stop. Prawns and eggs as well plays a very big part in this plate of fried rice. The worst thing you can get from a fried rice is when everything taste the same in that plate. The magic of this fried rice and the reason why it had been one of their signature is because they seem to have a lot of layers of taste to satisfied every part of your taste-bud. You can take the fragrance of the rice, the “wok hei”, the sweetness of the prawns and the eggy taste. I buy that!

DSC02757Next up is the Pork Chop Fried Rice. Its as good but I personally don’t fancy pork chop without fat. hahahahahha! But to be honest, the pork chop is really tender, juicy, not over cooked and the marination was spot on.

And so comes the MUST ORDER and reason why I am here is for this!

DSC02754The steamed pork soup dumplings! AKA Xiao Long Bao!! I am a big big fans of xiao long bao and that also means that I have eaten tonnes of xiao long bao and I have my own standard of judgement towards xiao long bao. Wow.. sounds like a big thing here huh! So basically one of the thing about xiao long bao is that they have to have enough soup inside. I am not kidding, my brother and I have had hunted a lot of xiao long bao outlets selling dry xiao long bao or those with pity amount of soup in the xiao long bao. That’s like you finally found your dream dress and there’s no size for you. That kinda metaphor ok~ 

DSC02755But look at this beautiful piece of art…. the skin is very thin, from the bright behind or  somehow I imagined my own light, you can see the soup inside is half full. Omg!! 

DSC02759And when you bite a small hole and suck in the soup… it bring you straight to heaven. Yes, the soup is extremely flavourful… and its like a spoonful full. What more can you ask for right? 

Yea you can ask for more actually… The crab meat and roe soup dumplings! There’s this little crab shaped dough indicated that it is crab meat xiao long bao. So cute!

DSC02762High cholesterol means excellent food. This is as impressive as the pork dumplings with a touch of the seafood goodness. It is very crabby, very creamy and I don’t even know how to describe it anymore.

DSC02765They are just beautiful and lovely! You can taste the shredded fresh crab meat inside, with the creamy roe and the essence of seafood basically just explode in your mouth…. Ok i think that’s enough for today. I am getting hungry now because of this. I miss my xiao long bao…….! 

So people, when you get to go to Din Tai Fung in Taiwan or Singapore or any other places, try some of my very favourite. Hope you love it as much as i do <3<3