Ayam Penyet Ria, Lucky Plaza Singapore

Other than my all time favourite ayam penyet at Rumah Hijau, this is another one that i would keep going back for more whenever im in Singapore. Yes the famous Ayam Penyet Ria at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road. What makes the Ayam Penyet special is the crisp on top of the chicken and the juiciness sealed inside.


DSC04283Ayam Penyet Ria, Just walk straight til the end of Lucky Plaza then you can easily spot the signboard. Not too fancy, not too eye catching, but it is a hidden gem. Its full of people almost everyday.. the authentic Indonesia Food, a lot of my Singaporean friend would say.

DSC04289Pay while you order at the counter. And honestly we were there quite late that day (8pm) and most of the dishes were sold out. So, go early. 


DSC04294Seat were pretty cozy, just packed with people. My advice is, avoid Sundays. Because Sundays is the public holiday for most of the foreign service servant, and they usually hangout at Lucky Plaza. It gonna be full house!

DSC04309Sauces and spices is all self service. 

Anyway, get back to the food. Here’s the menu for reference. I don know about you but i always like to search online for the food review before i dine anyway… so given menu online would be a plus plus for me. Hence, here’s the menu



Start off with the MUST-ORDER : Ayam Penyet

DSC04311Nothing can go wrong with this! Like i said, i can finish the whole bowl of rice just by mixing the crunch with the rice. HOHOHO. Need not to emphasize, the chicken skin is love, not too oily but crunchy, and the chicken meat itself, tender and juicy. It was like the chef magic, seal all the essence in it! *bite*

DSC04304Cumi cumi aka Fried Baby Squid. My third love after my second love Grilled Chicken which is sold out. Like i say, squid is very fresh and the coated part is still crispy. The batter makes the difference i guess.

DSC04312And now the Gurame. HolyMoly. Not to say not nice but just not my type of food. Look at the presentation? Remind you of something? It definitely remind me of the fish that swim in most of the aquarium in your house. Huhuhuhu! Scary… and… the least impressive dish because theres a slight “soil taste” if you know what i mean. Initially i wanted to order lele penyet but.. stupid me i wanted to be adventurous and i regretted. Hahaha. And that ended up i finish my rice with the oxtail soup more..

DSC04308Oh.. the oxtail soup. Recommended as well. I think a set of Ayam Penyet and a bowl of oxtail soup will be fine for your dinner..If you want something special, this is one of the famous side dish after “Tofu Telur”

DSC04300The Gado Gado. Not too bad, but i was keen to try out the Tofu Telur. Come early next time.

And… the drinks that stood up for the night..

DSC04298Happy Soda!! Soda Gembira! I cannot stop laughing when i saw the name. And well! Its really nice though. Its like soda+airbandung+milk for me. Yums! It works! Im Happy!

DSC04299And this is the total bill for the night. Gurame… you are still scary… >.<