Ayam Penyet in Kuching

Normally hor… people will think of Kolo Mee, Laksa or Kueh chap whenever you mentioned Kuching. But as a kuchingnite, i love kueh chap more. hohoho! Ehhh~ out of topic jor.. Today i am suppose to write about my favourite food. hohohoho!

20130728_033954Apart from my favourite all sorts of buns, pastries..

20130615_115810and another love.. the smooth and silky steamed chicken rice…

Ayam penyet is my another ultimate love. wuaahaha!!I have been hunting for ayam penyet all the time. And me and bun will have ayam penyet lunch every sunday or saturday… but recently because of his busy workload.. ayam penyet lunch also kekurangan di. Sobs. Thats y i am so out-of-sudden-nothing-to-do and retrieve all the ayam penyet photo from my phone to blog. Hehehehe!

My number 1 favourite ayam penyet in Kuching at the moment…

IMG_20130518_174103Rumah Hijau. Hehehehe… This is the only Ayam penyet which i can finish off two saucer of the sambal.. because its sweet with mild spiciness. hohoho!

20130713_202211And number 2 goes to my newly found kopitiam called 3-in-1 Kopitiam. The sambal is very spicy but.. very very addictive! 

And the others were the normal one… still hunting for more! Let me know if you knew any place that serve good ayam penyet

20130618_140111 (1)3rd mile kopitiam.. i call it moody ayam penyet. because the stall.. happy happy open.. not happy then dont open one. Went 10 times maybe only 4 times got open. The sambal is very addictive too. The only thing which is less appealing will be the rice. Damn hard

20130720_225057101 open air. The chicken is juicy. kinda love this one.. but the sambal could be better

20130710_210459And my least favourite currently. John’s place.. chicken is tender however. 🙂

Wheres your favourite ayam penyet?? Share share le.. Oh nom nom nom nom!