Bali Day 1 : Seafood at Blue Marlin, Jimbaran Beach

[ Bali 03.07.2013 ] Day 1 at Bali. After the overwhelming and breathtaking sunset at Uluwatu, we headed over to Jimbaran Beach for our Lobster Dinner! 

IMG_1339Sorry for the poor quality of pictures as my camera was fogged. And day 1, i was in panic mode because i hardly know anyone there and i dont want to spend like 10 minutes taking photos. Hehehe!



IMG_1346The place was Awesome. They have a lot of restaurants along the beach and we were lead to the one call Blue Marlin. We had dinner on the beach..

IMG_1340The settings of our table. We have 3 of those long tables. Group A, B and C

IMG_1355Im in group B. And these is how i knew these 3 guys sitting behind me in the bus and now opposite me during dinner. Left : HanPin (the gentleman), ahBao (the smart and random), ahYang (the clever and noty)

IMG_1359The beautiful lamp standing in between us

IMG_1358And our door gift for dinner. 🙂

IMG_1351It was around 8pm when we all settled down and the food is slowly being served.

IMG_1369Plain Rice served in basket. To pass around.

IMG_1375Vegetables aka Kangkung in bahasa melayu or bahasa indon. To be shared among 4 people.

IMG_1377And.. Shocked! When our lobster seafood was served. Everyone thought its to be shared…

IMG_1381But.. the tour guide said : One plate each. Everyone get one plate… And you can see a lot of faces in shocked and keep looking around..

IMG_1383Because.. the portion is DAMN BIG

20130703_195618Its much bigger than my face. hohoho. (Taken by Samsung Note 2 by ahBao)

IMG_1378And theres hardly any space on the table to put our plates.

The seafood grilled in balinese style is a lil different than the one we had here. Seafood were all grilled using young coconut shells. They have this unique aroma of the coconut if you get what i mean 🙂

20130703_195632 (1)Each of us was given a plate consist of Lobster, Clams, Calamari, Tiger Prawns, Crab and the whole fish underneath. And it goes better with the chilli sambal served! *burp*

IMG_1384And to be accompanied with the Dinner was this classic bottles of soft drinks 🙂 

IMG_1373We spend our night enjoying the breeze of the sea, sandy beaches and songs entertained by the performers. They sang very well chinese, english and indon songs. 🙂

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