Bali Day 2 : Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud

[ Bali Day 2 040713 ] – One of the must eat in Bali is nevertheless Bebek (Cripsy Duck). Bebek means Duck. Bebek is very famous in Bali.. Their bebek is smaller in size, skinnier, and perhaps healthier because their bebek live along the paddy field.. exercise a lot i guess. 🙂

IMG_1508We went to this very famous restaurant called Bebek Tepi Sawah. In this coming september, all the contestant of Miss Universe will be going over to have lunch. So i guess it must be a good choice. 🙂 Hehehehe!



IMG_1543The entrance of the restaurant doesnt look very grand. However, you will be amazed of the huge paddy field in the restaurant.

IMG_1548Yes. They actually have a large paddy field at the center of the restaurant. Awesome!

IMG_1547Beautiful green paddy field…


And the dining area is around this big paddy field..


IMG_1561That particular day was very hot. However, we still managed to have fun under the sun. Teehehehe!

IMG_1562What is a paddy field without a scare crow right!

IMG_1549-tileMy love-hate feelings for scarecrow. Taahahaha! Actually ahpin force me to kill the scarecrow *doing circles on the floor* ><

Okie! Too much of the paddy field.. Lets go to food!

IMG_1512Our Dining Table…

IMG_1514And the Lunch Gift of the day. It was a wallet with some pocket money inside. Teeehehehe!

IMG_1516The menu for today’s lunch. Obviously we will be having the whole bebek for ourselves. Muahaha!

There are 4 types of sambal..

IMG_1528-tileI personally LOVE the garlic and spices.. Because another 3 is tooo spicy for me… *feed rose hell spicy*

IMG_1524Start of with clear vegetable soup with garlic bread. Bali served most of their soup this way. It is like mushroom soup with garlic bread for the western but clear vegetable soup is for Bali. Hmm.. i am not really a big fans of it. Hehehe!

IMG_1532It was not long later then i saw waiters serving out our Bebek!!

20130704_135237Yay!! Bebek!!!

IMG_1531Although you look very skinny.. i still love your crispiness.. teehehe!

IMG_1536And the chicken satay is a bomb! I swallowed down all 3 in  few minutes! yums!

IMG_1538And i took one teaspoon of each sambal to test which one is best suitable with my portion. I surrender myself to the hell spicy sambal. it makes me cry. However i love the garlic & spices. Goes well with everything even the crackers!!

IMG_1540Dessert was served with fruits and ice cream

IMG_1544Before we left the bebek restaurant.. we walked around the paddy field again for some final photoshoot as memory!

IMG_1564Bao and i picked our favourite bebek!

IMG_1565Kelvin and ahyang joined in..

IMG_1567Everyone is so obsessed with the bebek stone. hahaha!

IMG_1568And my photographer gentleman ahpin feeding the forever alone bebek! hehehe!

IMG_1572They have a lot of props for photography purposes as well! Eat with Fun at Bebek Tepi Sawah. Good Food. Good Environment. Good Companionship.

IMG_1575Random picha of the wall while waiting for our bus. Tehehe!