Bali Day 2 : Ubud, Bebek Tepi Sawah, Kintamani, Pura Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring, Mount Batur + Lake Batur

[ Bali Day 2 – 040713 ] Woootss!! Only 4 days trip need to drag til one whole month for Day 2. Hohoho! *feeeling guilty* No nah.. sometimes need to purposely long long time once so that you guys wont bored til death mar i can recall the memory mar. hehe!

IMG_1408Day 2 is extremely busy but we were all tooo hungry so we woke up super early and camwhore around the hotel area while waiting for others. hehehe!

Today we will be visiting all the long journey places and mostly the famous temples and scenery. Cant wait!! Hopped in to our bus and there we go.. 2 hours to Ubud from Kuta! 


IMG_1421Ubud is a small town.. More like a trendy and modern village i would say. More spiritual. Will love to spend more time here but well, agenda says one day trip only. T.T


IMG_1416This is the offerings i mentioned earlier. 🙂


IMG_1430And they have lotsa cute doggies! hehehe




IMG_1436We were strolling and wandering around this area ourselves until we reach this market. Were given 2 hours here. As usual my quadruplet babies and i cant find anything we like.. which we regretted later because this is the only time we were FREE to shop. T>T Yes. Means we dint get anything for ourselves at all for Bali Trip. Mad Sad! I wan the boyfriend shirt that Dinah got in Bali. I m so sad! huhuhuhuhu T—T


IMG_1443Instead.. we went around touring Ubud.





IMG_1480No superman allowed. Teehehehehe!

IMG_1446And discovered the cool temple looking starbucks! hehehe!

IMG_1483Bao craving for coconut juice so we stopped by this stall which sell dessert as well as coconut juice.


IMG_1488Bao and 1 got the coconut juice but… a bit tasteless. huhuhu!

IMG_1501We went explore again before heading to the meeting point…

IMG_1495and saw this trishawly bike. hohoho!!!


IMG_1499Pattern a lot horrr..

IMG_1503Saw this bun at the local convenient stall.. so tempted to buy but but… i m saving my tummy for bebek tepi sawah! (Paddy field duck)


IMG_1514Hello!! The famous bebek tepi sawah…

IMG_1531Love this place a lot. Not only the good food~

IMG_1548But also the good environment! hohoho… Click here for the Bebek Tepi Sawah Post.


IMG_1578After lunchie.. we proceed to another 2 hours ride to Kintamani.. precisely  The Pura Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring. This temple is famous for the holy water bath.

IMG_1583Because of the crowded tourists.. the holy scarf has been all used.. left one.. so the guys got this brilliant ideas of…




IMG_1588Hehehehe! Guess i will have to borrow my quadruplet to kelvin di..



IMG_1607The locals and now, most of the tourist believed that you can be blessed with good luck if you bath with the sacred water… 

IMG_1603But i was shocked to see lotsa fishes in the pool. omg..!

IMG_1601So just touch touch the holy water will do. huhuhu. Me scared of lei hu aka the colourful pond fishes.


IMG_1613Did some tourist thing… and before we exit the place.. theres another big pond.. 


IMG_1633with even lotsa fish.. It is also believed to have stored all the sacred water and give blessings to the people living on that island. Bali is very interesting indeed. Love all the history.

IMG_1621Way back to the bus. 

IMG_1645and ahyang try to hide from the sun? hehehe!

IMG_1643The journey back to the bus is like maybe 5 minutes. but it got us half and hour to reach the bus because of this.


Souveniers! hahaha! as usual.. we dint get anything because everyone is waiting. Me want shopping!


IMG_1685And Dang… rush all the way to the famous Mount Batur and Lake Batur

IMG_1656Oh Oh.. such a wonderful and spectacular view!

IMG_1657It is more breath taking and stunning itself than in the photo. oh my.. i could spend half an hour just to enjoy it but my tummy is roaring again. hehehhehehe! 

IMG_1683and the journey will take us 3 hours to get back to Kuta so.. hurry!!! Run to the food!!

IMG_1695Oh.. at least a view of my comfort bus. hehehe!

IMG_1702It was around 8.30pm when we reach Kuta.. Settled down at Hard Rock cafe!

IMG_1719Yay! Today we go western. Oh nom nom…

IMG_1722The whole day of travelling rewarded us with a mouth watering pork ribs…

IMG_1727One of the best selling in Hard Rock Cafe, and it also marked one of the best dish for the entire Bali Trip. Pork Ribs!! I miss you already… i have flooded all the pork ribs picture in a separate post. Im sure you want to at least dine at Hard Rock Cafe when you were in Bali right? So.. Click here for the full post of the yummilicious pork ribs! Tata!

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