Bali Day 3 : Ocean 27

[ Bali Day 3 – 05072013 ] Okay okay.. i think everyone is getting bored of my Bali Trip di. Hahaha.. Ill be very fast. 

Ocean 27

Ocean 27

Third Day, We go western. Ocean 27 is a restaurant along the white sandy beach..




IMG_1809We instantly fell in love with this place..



IMG_1814Everyone was like discussing how wonderful it will be if we were to go during night time.! They say wanna come again that particular midnight wor… 

IMG_1816Ocean 27… so clean right.. White.. beaches.. blue sky… extremely hot son…handsome men… hahaha… 

IMG_1749And my 3 table mates as usual.. They are like my quadruplet.babies.

IMG_1751This lunch, they were giving out traditional balinese “fan”.

IMG_1752And horrace whom were separately from us came to visit.

IMG_1755Bao and Horrace. Bao face already red red di. Early early drink beer.. *grin*

IMG_1764And awesomely.. theres a pond like in the middle of the restaurant so i went and join the for some splashing. *teehehehe* Say hello to Nick and Jenny

IMG-20130705-WA0024_mr1374256938187It wasnt long until the lunch was served. We were served two types of Appetizers.

IMG_1767First one..  Prawn Pomelo Salad

IMG_1775And Seafood Pescatore

IMG_1779It was like light cream-seafood with a bit of sourish served with pasta. Yums!

IMG_1790And the mains were Roasted Chicken served with Garlic Butter Mashed Potatoes & Green Bean

IMG_1795Or you can have Pan Fried Salmon with Ratatouille and Mashed Potatoes.

Guess what i have?

IMG_1801Hahahahaha! I have both. Yay! I shared with ahpin so both of us have our ChickMon! 

20130705_142520And Dessert. Cheesecake and Ice Cream. 


IMG_1821You can see i am lazy to type jor. Brain jam jam di. Its 2.30am now.. Huhuhu!

IMG_1823Let the pictures talk.. I gonna go ong ong di. Hehehehehe!






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