Bangkok : Day 1

Bangkok (1.3.2012) – Hahaha! Yup. it has been helllong ago… Was an extremely busy year in 2012 so this particular bangkok trip post was totally neglected until today 🙂

IMG_0395Reach Bangkok in the afternoon time. Predicted to be able to get out from the aiport in less than one hour time including picking up my luggages… And was shocked to see such crowd in the immigration.

IMG_0397I was so wrong.. Never so wrong before.. it took me more than 2 hours to go through immigration.. freaking  two hours… and the line barely move until the last hour. Gaaaaahhh!

By the time i was able to squuuezze out from the crowd… my planned to my initial restaurant was obviously going down the drain.. I was so hungry… So.. i had my first meal in the airport T_T


Pork Satay. Juicy tender.. yums! I guess i am just too hungry


Green curry Bento.


Mango sticky rice. I m a big fans of mango. I eat everything made out of mangoes.. hehehe!

After the not-very-satisfying meal in the airport… took a cab and search for the hotel… its was almost evening di by the time i reached that area.. it was behind a small alley..

IMG_0411Cant remember the name of the hostel, well, it doesnt matter because i was having my pms and of sudden mood swing i think i dislike this place  i only stayed for one night and decided to pamper myself with a comfortable hotel stay.

IMG_0410My one night stay. it look pretty decent though.


Went to MBK mall at first.. heard a friend said it is awesome..

IMG_0428But it kinda disappoint me because.. i dint get to buy anything at all in this big mall.. they remind me of places like sungei wang and times square those.. =_=

IMG_0434I only get to buy some cute and unique phone case at the lower ground floor..


IMG_0436They have snacks inside their mall as well..

IMG_0437Pizza.. Look decent.. but was not tempted to try.

IMG_0442Came across this little interesting stall..

IMG_0443They are selling some crispy sweet crust with coconut filling and some carrot toppings i suppose

IMG_0451One thing about bangkok that i like.. they have tonnes and tonnes of taxis..

IMG_0454Took a cab and head over to Siam Paragon…


IMG_0482Thats a paradise… well, at least for me. 


IMG_0457Lucky enough they were having this lady gaga promotion tour that day..

IMG_0465Hello Lady Gaga replica…

IMG_0491It was a very tiring day for me.. dont really have the mood to shop so i settled down myself in a pretty decent thai restaurant.

IMG_0487Stunning interior..

IMG_0514The place is called Fai Sor Kam.

IMG_0513Famous Thai Ice Tea!!! 95 baht..

IMG_0549Start off with with Eggplant salad with boiled egg! 150 baht

IMG_0532A comfortable clear soup : Thai Northern Vegetable with Pork Ribs soup! 180 baht

IMG_0535The portion is enough for 3 people i guess. 

IMG_0520Roasted Duck Curry. 220 baht. 

IMG_0523One of my favourite. Not too spicy.. not too spicy.. just enough to trigger your taste buds!

IMG_0537Pad Thai 180 Baht

IMG_0543I love it more when the sugar and spices in it.. 🙂

IMG_0556Lastly… Pineapple rice with chicken.. 140 baht

After dinner, went down to the toy section for a walk..



IMG_0571Aww.. u know i love those so much.

IMG_0572And this particular toys have flavors with it.. the brown one is chocolate, light brown is caramel.. imagine you hug ur plush and its full of flavors. kakaka!

IMG_0574End my day 1 with a beautiful night scenery.