Bangkok : Day 2

Bangkok (2.3.2012) – Second Day. As promised, i’ve decided to pamper myself throughout this very short weekend bangkok trip. Woke up damn early on the second day and check in to my new stay — Aetas Hotel.

IMG_0589Which is so much better as compared to the comfortable little room for the first night. 

IMG_0591The hotel is clean and spacious. They have really good service and the receptionists and the bell boy are polite and extremely helpful. Enjoying my stay a lot at Aetas Hotel.

IMG_0597_??One thing about Aetas Hotel is.. the location is less convenient.. less convenient as in its not in a walking distance to any popular places and its recommended to take cabs. However, service outdo the location. So im fine with it. And the cab fare is cheap in bangkok as well 🙂

IMG_0848The place is beautiful, its not expensive as well. Less than RM 200 per night for a very decent room. Loving it.

IMG_0849Tada…. My room


IMG_0853Wide, spacious.. and absolutely stunning. The bell boy will send your luggage, so no worries about that.

IMG_0854The bathrooom is BIG enough. I guess it would be a good choice for newly married or even loving couples. 

Decided to head over to some floating market… Theres two types. One is the nearer one maybe around half an hour journey and one is the tourist type : Damnoen Saduak Floating market which will take around more or less 2 hours.

IMG_0600Went to the nearer one for a look and its a total waste of time. Just go straight to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market if you want to.

IMG_0611Heading to Wat Arun to pass time. Not my fav type of temple but still not bad nah…





IMG_0646Please wear long pants to all temples, if not you will end up like me.

 Came across this local stall just few alley across Wat Arun. It was surprisingly crowded so decided to give it a try.




IMG_0660Old school Pepsi! *slurps*

IMG_0674Nobody in the stall seems to know how to speak or understand english, so back to the basic… pointing at what the other tables are having.

This is what the majority is having..

IMG_0663Pork Balls!! with kinda sweet and spicy sauce

IMG_0668Simple vermicelli soup. Their specialty. Came with clear broth.

IMG_0671and spicy broth

IMG_0673The portion is small but its definitely worth the taste. 

IMG_0682Add a lil bit of sugar and their local spicy and it will definitely brings the bowl of heaven to the next level.

IMG_0676SLurps! ready to go!

IMG_0684If you do not fancy noodles or vermicelli, they have kueh tiao aka flat noodles as well.

IMG_0680End my satisfying lunch with a plate of local satay. 

IMG_0694Proceed on to Grand Palace but unfortunately it was closed for visiting. Oh well..

Next Stop : Siam Ocean World


IMG_0703Hello Murray Eel! 

IMG_0713They have this feeding area.. 

IMG_0714Make sure when you buy the ticket.. buy the all-in-one package. Its worth it

IMG_0716The Feeding field..

IMG_0727Shark! You can imagine all the fishes and shark snatching your food.. water splashing everywhere during the feeding time. *protect your camera!*

Next up.. fish spa.. its included in the package as well..

IMG_0769Find your spot, sit down and just enjoy letting the fish to eat your feet

IMG_0755fishes : *oh nom nom nom*

IMG_0758Others will be all kinds of different fishes, jelly fish…

IMG_0763and the Tank…

IMG_0774They have quite a mount of sharks.. but.. Hmm.. i wonder when can i see a great white in an aquarium. hahaha!

Apart from that, they have some sections for entertainment as well.




IMG_0784You can do all your silly things there 🙂

Next Stop : Siam Paragon.. again

IMG_0813Especially love the supermarkets

IMG_0809All kinds of things. From cheese to ham, to fruits, to vege.. to cooked food.

Something caught my attention. 

IMG_0831Ice cream stall… its not just some ice cream stall you have..

IMG_0832See those cute little ice cream in different unique flavors!

IMG_0840Once the tip of the ice cream has been cut off.. 


IMG_0844You have to just slurp it right away… i had my favourite banana flavor!

IMG_0841Apart from all these, they sell local fruit in the mall as well.


IMG_0845I bought some back to hotel as dinner while watching tv. Holiday is suppose to enjoy like that right? *hehehehe* i know right..

Heres some of the noms noms..

IMG_0873coconut sweet pancake. So so T.T

IMG_0882Different types of sausage..

IMG_0886Love the sausages with vermicelli. soft and juicy

IMG_0866Local delicacies – The ultimate dessert.

IMG_0889Its green bean paste inside. I love this one. You will like it too if you like ang gu kueh! hahaha

IMG_0891Ham and melons.

IMG_0896You can made your own parma ham with sweet melons as well. 🙂

IMG_0880And lastly.. end your perfect dinner with the fresh salmon sashimi slices! *weeee*

Oh.. forgot about Patong Market.. 

IMG_0902You can forget about it. hahaha! 

IMG_0695Alright. Needa sleep le. Kap kun ka! To be continuuuuueeeeee