Bangkok Famous Pork Leg Rice & Wanton Mee

Bangkok MUST eat! The famous pork leg rice and wanton mee opposite Platinum mall at Pratunam Area! Map will be place at the end of the post. 

DSC02464It was not that crowded back in the days, no queue. It actually shocked us when we saw the extremely long queue outside the shop. Hmmmm! What to do.. and its only 10am in the morning….

DSC02465The name of the shop is called “SabX2” but I guess theres not much people who are aware of that. The most common name is… “Neh.. the pork leg rice opposite Platinum Mall”.

DSC02471This is the legendary pork leg rice.

DSC02473One whole pot of goodness. Just look at shining pork trotters swimming in the sauce… You can imagine how “melt in the mouth” those goodness can do! 

DSC02468Not only their pork leg rice is famous, people came for the wanton noodles too! There are like twins.. Queue for so long of cause have to order both! 

DSC02474Its more than half an hour when we were seated. It is quite spacious but still packed with the hungry people..

DSC02475We were given chrysanthemum tea. More to colouring tea I think. Just order canned drinks or mineral water will do next time.

And with our hungry tummy.. it feels like ages before food was served! As a reminder, the portion is very very small. We ordered special for both pork leg rice and wanton noodles.

20150525_122725_resizedAnd its finally here!

DSC02476Pork Leg Rice Special!! An explosive first bite. Food Orgasm! So good.. Why is it good? The pork trotters were braised until soft and tender. The skin is the melt in the mouth type and marination is just spot on. It may look salty but it is not. Just good enough to chew with the rice. Complimenting the plate of goodness is a braised egg and their home-made salted pickles. The sweet and sour pickles just refresh your taste bud after gulping down the delicious pork leg rice! Yum yum! Now i know why the business is ridiculously good!

20150525_122829_resizedWanton Noodles is impressive as well. You will get more noodles and extra crab meat if you order the special one.

20150525_123656_resizedJust a very simple and clean marinated meat as the filling. Yums!

20150525_122920_mr1433137763856_resizedSo you are right.. I had a plate of pork leg rice and a bowl of wanton noodles. This is how you should eat! Muahahahah!


Address : 4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19 | Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand