Best Chilli Pan Mee in KL

KL? Well, probably not exactly KL. I had the best chilli pan mee in PJ. I believed when you googled chilli pan mee in KL, you can find the famous one like Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee, Jojo Kitchen chilli pan mee (my first chilli pan mee 6 years back), and super kitchen chilli pan mee. YES. My vote goes to Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee!! 

DSC05930Good food draws crowd. This place is always full of people. And the signature dish of coz…

DSC05936Chilli Pan Mee!

DSC05932And the chilli pan mee’s chilli. Now this is the most important element. You get this right, you have the best chilli pan mee. You get this wrong, you will not be happy with your chilli pan mee!

DSC05938Perfect bowl of noodles served with some condiments and a soft boiled egg

DSC05940Poked the egg!! It is to keep the noodles moist and silky. Also, to make sure the perfectly prepared chilli flakes will stick on every single noodle of it.

DSC05943Grab half a spoonful of chilli flakes and mixed it!

DSC05945This is MY KIND OF CHILLI PAN MEE!! *droools* Why isit good? Hmm.. i dont know how to describe but you will keep coming back for more after you tried it. Or i should say the chilli pan mee is addictive! *winks*

DSC05942A bowl of dumpling soup goes well with the pan mee..

DSC05947All the dumplings are freshly made with minced meat and prawns. I love!

If you don’t like chilli pan mee, you can opt for Curry Pan Mee!

DSC05948The soup is not the very thick kinda thing. You can drink it and it is not too spicy too. What i love about the curry pan mee is the char siu in it. It is a lil bit sweet but it compliments the whole bowl of curry.

DSC05949And oh.. they are very generous in portion. This huge bowl of curry pan mee is good for 2 ladies. 🙂

And the bill.. something when I’m lazy, I’ll just post up the bill — because.. they have everything you wanted to know. Webbie, Number, Address and Price! 😀

DSC05953Ok ya. I’m lazy today. Teehehe!