Boat Noodle Kuching : Mangkok!

Boat Noodle has recently set a trend. From Thailand to Singapore to Malaysia. Now, we have our first boat noodle outlet in Kuching. 

It was located at the back of Dormani Hotel Kuching, just right after the bridge and its on your right. Will show the location map later in the end of the post.

20150609_190018_resizedIts a very humble malay stall selling halal boat noodle at the price of RM 1.50 per bowl. Since its new, the crowd is very good. They open at 5pm and recently all the noodles will be sold out around 8pm. 

20150609_190025_resizedMangkok is the name. We have someone to queue for us at around 6.30pm and we reached around 7pm. The crowd is still very long.. and of coz.. getting longer! 

20150609_190121_mr1433847734653_resized-tileThe wefie before sunset and my selfie after sunset. Hmmm!! we nearly waited for more than an hour for the seats.

20150609_194124_resizedA simple menu to start off with. RM 1.50 per bowl for the boat noodle. Choose between beef noodles or chicken noodles. 

20150609_193718_resizedAnd you can always challenge yourself! 

20150609_194325_resizedSoda herbs is their specialty drinks, consist of laici, lemongrass, samboi, some herbs and lemons. Not too bad for me. 🙂 RM 6.50 per glass. We are lucky because its the last 2 so 6 of us will share the 2 big ones.

20150609_200618_resized_pAnd here comes the Boat Noodles! We ordered the maximum of 20 bowls per time. 10 of beef and 10 of chicken. You can order as many rounds as you can but max is 20 bowls each time. 

20150609_200429_resizedFor the beef, they have shredded beef with broth

20150609_200513_resizedFor chicken, shredded chicken and fish ball with broth

20150609_200716_resizedThe portion… yea.. Just one tiny spoonful per bowl. Even for girls, you can easily gulped down 10 bowls. For the taste wise, for me it’s ok. Not too bad but not outstanding either. I think it’s good to give it a try, even only to try for the fun, it’s interesting as well!

20150609_202050_mr1433852524514_resizedWe had 40 bowls!! Among 6 of us actually. I had 8 bowls alone. Not full at all of coz but we just got bored eating the same thing in a small portion each time, so.. 40 bowls for the picture, ok?

20150609_200558_resizedSo if you have not try it out, why not for the fun of it. Happy eating people!

Address : No. 242, Jalan Dato Ajibah Abol, Kuching. Opens everyday except Thursday from 5 to 8.30pm.

For your information : Google Map from Dormani Hotel to Mangkok Boat Noodles