Carvery Restaurant Kuching

Carvery Restaurant is always the best choice if you are hunting for MEAT. Its located somewhere near Pending. Will give u the full address by the end of the post. =)

Carvery Restaurant offers you both Ala Carte and Buffet.. Well.. i duno about the Ala Carte because i m only targeting on the buffet all these while.. Eat all you want.. all the best quality MEAT at only RM 48 INCLUDE tax and services fee… Where can u get such good deal??!!! And… don worry if u have trouble like not wanting ur eating partner to walk around to get some food while you r in the middle of chit chatting session… because.. their buffet concept is like.. they have a particular waiter as to serve your table.. they will slowly come out with all the 14 TYPES of meat for u to try one by one… after all the 14 types of MEAT…. u can request for those u love…. eat until u full!!!!

Oh.. did i just said 14 TYPES of MEAT!!!!! *droooollllls* Let go babe! I’ll show u all the 14 TYPES of MEAT!!!

Oh.. i think i should have a short intro first nah!!

Before all the meat are served… They will present you with a Baguette… and butter of coz… Well.. as much as i love baguette… i only munch a few bites coz i don wan to fill up my tummy by bread =)

Trust me.. even if u said u will not stuff urself with baguette.. you will at least take a bite… LOOK how soft the baguette is.. temptation oK!

Next.. you can proceed on to the salad bar…..

more than 10 kinds of salad and dressings…!!

They even have pickles, olives and so on… =)

After the salad bar… Look at the back… they have this so called “light” meal bar??

With spaghetti, Soups, cooked vege… stir fry meat and all those… *yes.. jus take a lil bit will do*

I had these as my starter….!!

Beef Salami, Salad and coleslaw, Cherry tomatoes, Duck meat salad, and potato salad…

Not enuf?? You can have tomato salad with olive oil, seafood salad and so on

My “light” meal to go with the meat

Vegetable soup…. just for photography purposes. hahaha!! but it taste good tho

Before they served with you the meat… they will provide two different types of sauce. As usual, the black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce

First.. they have the (1) LAMB LEG….. *drooools to the max* Yes.. they served u on the spot!

Every slices of them seems so perfect!!

Medium raw? i would say its 7.

Next.. they have those ULTIMATE DELICIOUS (2) LAMB SHOULDER *obviously thats my top list favourite* and (3) Grilled Chicken Wings!

Oh!! i had 3 pieces of that freaking delicious lamb shoulder!!

The chicken wing is fabulous but coz of my stupid chicken pox.. i dint get to eat it…

The awesomeness of the lamb shoulder? Its medium raw, tender and juicy… even before u take a bite of that.. the aroma of the char-grilled lamb shoulder had already caused an adrenaline rush in u!

(4) Mussels…! If i can take seafood that time.. i m sure i will have eaten more than 5 of this. coz i rmb i used to eat around 4 or 5 of mussels during my first visit. hehehehe!

(5) Beef Rib….. AWESOMENESS AHYIEN SECOND TOP LIST!! those i love… i had at least 2 or 3 pieces!!! hohoho!!

I duno why but its just soooo tender!!! WHY WHY WHY WHY!

Every bite is like the combination of meat and tendon! *oh my.. fainted with happiness*

Next up… (6) Smoked Beef!!! Not my personal favourite.. but it is very ADDICTIVE!

well.. smoked beef is suppose to be chewy

(7) Chicken Chop

(8) Beef Sausages!!

(9) Chicken Sausage and (10) Chicken wrapped with Turkey Ham….

(11) BBQ beef steak…

(12) Smoked Chicken… i prefer smoked beef. hehehe!

(13) Rump Steak!!! Oh… this one smell charcoal!! sooo nice!!

And Lastly.. (14) Fish Fillet.. with their special sauce…!

and a slice of lemon on top of it…

The second round….! *well… the chewy smoked beef is still a must* And normally after the first round… THE PORTION OF MEAT they served will be so MUCh bigger. heheheheh!

WEll… the good thing is.. during the trail.. if u don like that certain thing.. u can just leave it.. you don have to finish eevrything.. Like me.. i only fulfill my tummy with the meat that i love. hehehehe!! But oso.. i know.. its not good to waste food lah. hahahhaa!

Anyway… if u r interested to dine @ Carvery Restaurant… PLEASE MAKE A RESERVATION FIRST!!! Its normally FULL HOUSE no matter on weekdays or weekends

Business Hour

Lunch Address :
Monday to Saturday 11:30am – 2:30pm Lot 2069, Jalan Utama,
Bintawa Industrial Estate,
Dinner 93450 Kuching, Sarawak
Monday to Saturday 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Tel :
Close on Sunday 082 – 345429 (Restaurant)
082 – 345428 (Office)