Elcerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Last month.. which is also last year.. we had a fine dining at Elcerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang.. A pork specialist restaurant which is highly recommended by MeiXin and Kenneth..! When i mention pork specialist… means.. everything in the restaurant is PORK related. ^^ For porky lovers.. u can never miss out this porky heaven!

Elcerdo means “The Pig” in Spanish…! And Elcerdo nose to tail eating means u can find wadever pork stuff in this restaurant…!

Even the mEnu.. awww~~ so cute can! How can u eat such a cute thing..!! but they are super porkielicious!

And they have this first class service.. they even provide u a small stool for u to put ur handbags..!

The environment and ambiance is just right.. romantic. cozy..

a mirror saying nose to tail eating..! just in front of our table…

and its full of pigs painting…!

besides pretty girls, you can even see the traditional chinese pig!! yes.. the black one. hahaha!

I had Hoegaarden for the day! *slurps*

This pic is suppose to be MMS-ed to eva bcoz eva loves Hoegaarden but i don have her number. sobx! no choice so only can show her now.

Tomato soup… ON THE HOUSE. They have different soup everyday on the house. so nice right!

As for appetizer, we had Oyster Kil-Patrick. Oyster baked on rock salt with pork bacon with Worchester sauce. RM 12++ per piece. Perfect! i don mind to have more of these tho! ^^

Mei Xin ordered this Elcerdo’s Farmer Sausage. served with Sauerkraut and mash potato. RM 28++. Not bad as well.. But i prefer german sausage still. kekeke!

The chef recommended Oven Roasted Iberico Spare Ribs. Served on Pineapple salsa. RM 68++. YEs.. this 5 little spare ribs costed a bomb.. but what can i say.. its too good to be judge. hahhahaha! Expensive but at the same time.. it fulfilled all your tastebuds!! *thumbs up up up and up*

LAstly, we had this “COCHINILLO AL ESTILO SEGOVIANO” Roasted Suckling Pig. Half Piglet for RM 118 and WHole Piglet for RM 219.

camwhore with the piggy

the guys wan piggy too!

It comes with the soft and crunchy homemade wedges..

the piggy sauce

and some mouth watering salad. *yum yum*

AND.. the special part is… u have to follow the tradition of the Spain to serve the dish!! First, take a plate and knock on the table for 3 times.. then use the plate to chop the piglet for 4 times.. it shows that the piglet is still young and the bones can be easily chopped by only using plates.. poor piggy! *huhu* After u have done everything.. all the bad luck of killing a piggy is in ur plate oledi.. so for that.. you have to make a wish (its either money or love) and throw the plate into a barrel. in short, you have to break the plates! kakaka! basically its wad u should do…!

This is a Video of ME… doing all the traditional procedure.. and yes… prepare to be “heart attacked” suddenly while dining in Elcerdo.. bcoz when u enjoy ur food half way.. you may jus be interrupted by the plate throwing sound. hahaha! Terkejut can!! one night duno terkejut for a few times AH!

and the barrel full of broken plates!

and after that.. piggy can be served!!!!

everyone wants a piece of piggy! piggy madness! *kakakkaka*

After the crazy food stuffing session.. we are all bloated.. but.. Mei Xin and kenneth said we must try the top 2 dessert… so in the end.. we still eat T.T

Werner’s Special. Fresh Strawberry in Mango Sauce with Chocolate Mousse and Wild Raspberry Sherbet. RM 22.50. You can see most of the tables had this particular dessert..

Churros con Chocolate.. RM 22.50. OH BOY… the Churros is incredibly soft and crunchy..

dipped in chocolate… you just cant stop..!! loving it!

Camwhore with desserts! *slurp slurp*

Groupie!! The average consumption per person in Elcerdo is around RM 100 per person.. So if u wanna visit the place.. you know la roughly the price there. *nyek*

Customers’ feedback form. You can write down ur contact if you want, they will sms the latest promotion to u if got. I jus received one 3days ago! hahaha!

So before u leave, Elcerdo will give each of their customer a liquor shot on the house again! so many on the house service woh!!

Yam seng! *slurp* and off we go…!!

OH… even the door handle is a monapiggy!