Excapade Sushi, Brunei

Went to Brunei last weekend for Excapade Sushi. YES. Purposely just to try out Excapade Sushi.

We went to the Kuala Beliat branch.. Oh.. make sure you call and make your reservation first before you go.

The interior of Excapade Sushi. OK.. screw the boy in the pic. ish!!! such a spoiler. and you know what.. after this pic.. he just stand there even closer which irritates me a lot. *argh* CANT HE SEE I M TAKING A PHOTO!

Another section of the restaurant. Have to reserve the room earlier or they wont give it to you. Because my aunty ask for it but she say must reserve through phone..and just perfunctory tell us already got reservation at 6pm. But in the end.. after we finished our sushi feast.. still no one. =.=

Oh Oh oh.. nevermind.. forget about it.. lets look at the menu 😀

Chawan mushi. This one is really nice.. Not only got those basic stuff like mushroom, crab stick and fish cake.. they also have scallop in it. But damn! i missed out the pricing for this!!! SOBS!!! if anyone know just tell me ok?

Wakame aka Seaweed.  $2.00 (RM 4.80) I personally like this one as well. And its very cheap considering the big portion of it.

California Special Maki. $3.00 (RM 7.20) I think this one is everyone’s favourite?

*Green plate ($2), Yellow plate ($2.50), Blue plate ($3), Red plate ($3.80)*

The highlight of the day was this!!! Salmon Sashimi $15 (RM 36)

Look at the Salmon.. such a generous portion right?!!!! The slices were so thick.. fresh but.. kinda lack of a kind of salmon taste.. Yes.. its tasteLESS. I dont know why.. Maybe too fresh?? So if salmon is too fresh its tasteless? I dont really know… isit like that???

You see.. even my mummy who don even dare to touch sashimi DARE to eat it. its tasteless!! But i thought salmon should have some salmon taste right? AHH.. maybe i am wrong. I dont know.

Hotategai Sashimi aka fresh Scallops $15 (RM 36)

Another scarily generous portion. Its at least 20 pieces of fresh scallops there. Well.. i have eaten very fresh Scallops Sashimi in Ten-I chi, Kuching. They are so fresh and sweet but this one is not. 🙁 But it was consider very cheap for this portion.

I wish you can be sweeter because i really like you

Salmon Teppanyaki $10 (RM 24). Not bad at all. and.. the side vege is a blast!! so yummylicious. Especially the capsicum!! *yum*

Gindara teriyaki/Shioyaki aka Grilled Snowfish/Codfish $10 (RM 24).

Ebi Furai (6 pcs).. Fried Prawn $10 (RM 24)

Alaska King Crab Yaki $18 (RM 43)

It looks appetizing.. look at the size of the Alaska King Crab Leggies!!!! But… the meat is like.. harder than lobster. You can imagine it.

I was quite disappointed though. D:

But i still finished them. hehehe!

Non seafood orders. Tori Katsu aka Fried Chicken Bread Crumbs $6.00 (RM 14.40)

Beef Terriyaki $8.00 (RM 19.10). MY gosh!! This is so far the HARDEST beef i’ve chewed!!!!!!!!!

Well.. i think they surely have something better just that maybe we made the wrong orders?? It was not bad though.. the portion is damn big.. and the price for it.. very very acceptable and reasonable or you can say its quite cheap.. Where can you get such portion of japanese dishes with such price?? right?? However.. if you would like to try the very sweet scallops sashimi or the very satisfying salmon belly i have mentioned.. you can try out my favourite Japanese Restaurant in Kuching. Ten-I chi..

Ten-I chi is located at Lok Thian there. The Japanese food there is awesome. REALLY AWESOME. I will blog about it after a day or two. But of coz.. the pricing is double the price above. But i must say if you have try the food.. its definitely worth every cents.

However.. the entire comment about the food and so on is simply just my own opinion after i have tried the food. But still.. i enjoyed dinner with my aunties and families ^^

Thank you yiyi for bringing us around miri and drove up to brunei for the sushi. Love you.

Escapade KB outlet (Tel No. +673 333 3993 or +673 872 2993)