French Restaurant in HCMC, Vietnam — Augustin

It was like a year ago since our Vietnam Trip. Still loving the experiences we had together.

IMG_8995Eating French in Vietnam. No doubt there is a lot of French restaurants in Vietnam, or specifically in Ho Chi Minh City because the city is influenced by the french cultural during the France & Spain colonial occupation of Vietnam during 1859. Thanks to Sin and Ivan for doing the research for the itinerary and of coz to hunt down one of the authentic French Restaurant in town.

IMG_9056AUGUSTIN it says. I know… forgot to take pic of the signboard and i am like searching the whole google for restaurant to match the interior of the restaurant just to find out the name.. until… suddenly thought of rose’s post and danggg!!! She got the photo with the signboard. FML for wondering around google for so long. Muahahaha! Thanks Rosie!

One of the bad side of delaying your post is… you forgot the names of the dish you ordered like a year ago. Hehehe! So just bare with my poor imagination 🙁

IMG_9058But one of the elements i remembered very clearly is.. The french bread is super awesome. The bread is soft and dense in the inside but hot and crunchy on the outside. With the magic butter on top…. cant remember how many baskets we finished. Hehehe!

IMG_9059And a must try in Hcmc — The Saigon Lager

Started off with some soups to share :

IMG_9067French Traditional Onion Soup

IMG_9068Soup to share as well : Ratatouille 

IMG_9063And a recommended appetizer — Assorted cheese platter

IMG_9069I had the signature duck breast with orange sauce. I personally love this dish. The breast meat is perfect pink, juicy and tender with a pinch of sourish blast on the orange sauce. Yums!

I cant remember who order which so.. well.. just the food solo!

IMG_9070Duck breast with mushroom sauce. This one is more creamy in taste

IMG_9083Duck breast with ginger sauce. 

IMG_9076Pan fried salmon fillet in Bearnaise sauce.

IMG_9081Beef steak with black pepper sauce. A common order in most of the restaurants

IMG_9079Medium rare? Medium? I prefer it to be a lil bit more pinkish

IMG_9085and Spaghetti with clams

Epic moment when everyone is a millionaire in Vietnam now.. A meal that cost us 3.6 milion dong!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *i can haz a million dollar dinner* thankiuk rosie for the pic. *steal*