Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant, Kuching

Had my belated graduation dinner with my beloved at Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant.. Hmm.. last last week. I think the food there is great!! If you duno how to go there..

Here’s the guide. HuHuhuhu!!

I am glad most of my darlings are able to make it..! Thanks a lot premiums! love u all to the max!

OF all the darlings.. they are

Annna, Ahlost, Johnston

Johnston =.= , Gordon, Eva

EVey, Gladys, Annna

Ting, Tmot

The Pink Guy

and Chenky!

Yea.. i know Annna and JF is repeated.. haih! wad to do.. they are TOO camera alert!! huhuhu!

U see u see!

The only time she is LESS aware of the camera is when she is taking pichas of the FOOD!

Appetizer.. Steam Peanuts..!

First dish of the Day! Seafood with Spinach Noodles!! Their recommended dish.. but personally i think that day the noodles is a lil bit under cook? Hmm..

Second Dish, Thai Style Midin Salad. Its served cold. One of the very recommended Dish from Hoi Tin Lau.. A bit sour, a bit spicy a lil bit sweet. Hmm.. if u like the midin salad served at Bla Bla Bla or The Junk.. U will definately Love this one!

Claypot Tofu.. Well.. very common dish.. nth to shout about. its very hard to make a claypot tofu taste extremely wonderful can! ahhaha! its all the same for me!

Onion Chicken.. Boneless soft chicken with chef’s special sauce and fried onions on top! Woots! excellent combination!

Vietnamese Prawn served with buns..! My Chi Hua Hua love prawns!!! This one is a lil bit too sweet tho! but still nice lah!

Nah.. heres the buns! I love buns can! hehehe!

And lastly.. Hoi Tin Lau’s specialty… ROASTED SUCKLING PIG!!! wooots!!! have to pre-order one day b4 ya!!

Super love this one!!

The whole piglet. haih.. i know.. its so cruel.. but.. its really delicious!! very hard to resist can! *huhuhu*

Look at the perfect layer of the piggy.. and the dark sauce… Oooozzzed!!!

Oh.. we have variety of cameras that day…

From DSLR…

To compact cameras..

To….. Piggy camera!! So kewt hor!

Ya i know. this one even cuter!! *cubits* i oso duno wad she saw. T.T

and wad gordon is looking at.. =.=

Anyway… we headed to rain for second round…!

and thats it..!

and.. i even received pressie!! OH!! THANKIUK So MUCH darlings!! *love love*

Super happie me! *DANG!*