Hong Kong Day 4 : Ocean Park 海洋公园, Temple Street Dai Pai Dong 庙街大排档, Hui Lau Shan 许留山

We woke up late again… wanted to go to Jumbo Floating Restaurant for dim sum breakfast but time is a bit rush, save the floating restaurant for another day then. We has our quick breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe (You can read it here) and off we go to Ocean Park!! 

HOW TO GO TO OCEAN PARK : Go to MRT Admiralty Station Exit B and use the city bus 629 and the bus will bring you to Ocean Park. 

DSC00412You can buy both your bus ticket and your ocean park ticket outside Admiralty Station Exit B.

DSC00410Easy as that. We got our bus ticket.

DSC00411And our Ocean Park Ticket! There are lots of bus so don’t worry. 

DSC00421Not long after, we reached Ocean Park! Hello Ocean Park!

DSC00414Its photo time! 

20151227_114833_p 20151227_115008_p 20151227_124755_mr1451199788748We took a lot of photos even before we got in the park… Oh did I mention its BEARS day! We bought our bears as well! Hahahaa! Bear addicts!

20151227_131945_mr1451231241458The park is huge! Study your map first so you wont miss any attractions. We started off with the Aquarium~

DSC00425 DSC00428 DSC00429_p DSC00437 DSC00440 DSC00472We love aquarium, I think we visited all the aquariums whenever we went travelling…

20151227_124631The Panda Area.. 

20151227_125646_p 20151227_125700_mr1451467124649_p 20151227_130753_pPandas are bears too right.. 

I run out of words to write.. I guess if you dont mind, let the pictures talk. Hahaha!

20151227_130158 20151227_130254 20151227_131243_mr1451231350766 20151227_131751-vertp 20151227_133813 20151227_144605 20151227_144635 20151227_144950_p DSC00446 DSC00448 DSC00450 DSC00452 DSC00454

20151227_140407Apart from that, they have extreme parks as well. All sort of games, performances, food, rides, cartoons.. eateries, basically its like an ALL-IN-ONE theme park. No doubt its a very good place for family bonding, dating couples and even friends!

20151227_133553I wanted to post this up because I can’t get it. Its a BIG FRENCH FRIES PLUSHIE!! OMG!!! I WANT!! but mama convinced me its too big to bring back… I can’t get you so at least a picture?

DSC00453Oh my bro almost persuade me to get this cute little penguin too. ALMOST. Sorry cutie pie!

DSC00456Our last stop is the sea mammals performance! 

DSC00457 DSC00461 DSC00463I like the seal.. I have no idea why I dont have the picture of it but its so cute when it growls! Dolphins! Always so elegant. The main purpose of the show is to remind us to preserve the sea. Love the sea and protect them from pollution. Love the education information they provided. Oh, everyone can even participate in the games by connecting to their wifi and you can play games with them throughout the show! How nice!

20151227_145626_001The adventures of 3 bears! We left the park at round 5pm, back to West Hotel put all our stuff and walked to Temple Street for dinner!

DSC00511What’s Hong Kong trip without Dai Pai Dong right! Dai Pai Dong is like a open concept hawker food stalls in Hong Kong. We chose the most crowded one but I guess we reached earlier, we get to order first! yay!

DSC00481 DSC00482Its called Temple Spice Crab! You will be amazed by the menu. How can they come out with so many choices of food? 

DSC00483We ordered some thai coconut, beer and oolong tea to share. I think beer is still the best for Dai Pai Dong! 

DSC00485First up is the teo chew style braised platter! So good… marination is spot on. We have pig’s ears, pig’s blood, goose intestines, red sausages, chicken wings, gizzards, sliced goose, beef tendons! So good!

DSC00487Steamed veg with fermented bean sauce! Its so much better than it looks. I think this is the only dish that all 4 of us love!

DSC00489Steamed bamboo clams with garlic. Seafood is surprisingly fresh here. 

DSC00492Satay chicken. Not too bad! 

DSC00493Salted Mantis prawn!

DSC00497_pLook at the size of the prawn! 

DSC00500Fried oyster pancakes. This is the local’s favourite.. Now, our favourite as well!

DSC00502Claypot rice! I always wanted to try the claypot rice at four seasons and the Hing’s but the queue are ridiculously long. My tummy gave up.

DSC00505I ordered the claypot rice with sausages and pork ribs. The way to eat it is : When the claypot rice is served, its plain. pour a lot of soy sauce (soy sauce is not that salty so just feel free to pooooourrrrr) and cover the lids, let it cooked for another minute or two and TADA!!

DSC00506Sad to say, this is quite disappointing… We had better ones at Mongkok!

DSC00509Le bro wanted to try the Hong Kong fried noodles. I am not a noodle person tho 🙂

DSC00510Dinner is very satisfying! The bill came out around HKD 800! Cheap for the amount of food we order!

DSC00512 DSC00517We then just walk around and explore the place since it was our last night at this area.. 

We were like 90% full but.. we wanna make it 150%! We went to grab something to eat at Australian Dairy Company and after that went to Hui Lau Shan for the dessert before we call it a day.

DSC00564I know its not as nice as before anymore but since its mango and durian thing. I dont mind!

DSC00565The signature fresh mango smoothies.

DSC00568And durian puff!!

DSC00569OMG duriannnn!!!! OK 150% full and bloated! Good Night!