Hong Kong Must- Eat : Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记

I can’t say I am a big fans of wanton noodles but I eat a lot of wanton throughout my life. I said wanton only because I am more to a “rice” person than the “noodle”. Apart from dim sum, wanton noodles is one of the comfort food in Hong Kong. I have the whole list of food to eat in Hong Kong so I am just going to pick one of the famous wanton noodles to try. I’ve read many reviews between the Mak’s and Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记 and lastly decided on the later one.

Hong Kong is not like Taiwan. I used a lot of GPS to allocate the eateries throughout the trip. And thanks to GPS, it successfully brought me from Lan Kwai Fong to Tsim Chai Kee! DSC00146Oh if you wanted to, Mak’s noodle is just opposite.

DSC00132Look at all the Michelin’s recognition. I knew I came to the correct place. 

DSC00134We were lucky because once we got seated, immediately a queue was formed outside. 

DSC00133Carefully look at the menu although I think I’ve came across it like zillion times from the internet di.. 

DSC00136A very small but comfortable table for four.

DSC00142Wanton Noodle is their signature but I wanted to try all. I ordered the three treasure noodle soup  至尊三宝面 which consist of the wanton, beef slices and homemade fish balls. 

DSC00145Its a bomb. The best wanton noodles I’ve ever had so far! The soup is just too flavourful, a lil bit of sweetness from the fresh beef slices and the homemade fish ball.. wanton is absolutely springy. Prawns are very fresh they still have the crunch and the sweetness in it. Noodles on the other hand, although I don’t like this type of noodles but the noodles in Tsim Chai Kee absorb all the goodness from the soup. OK. WIN. I love every bits of it!!

20151225_162757Look at the size of the homemade fish ball. 鲜鲮鱼球 YES. 

DSC00137We ordered the dry noodle 三宝捞面 to try as well. Everything was good except.. theres no soup and soup is the king of the dish. 

DSC00144A plate of clean vegetables to share. Choi Sam with oyster sauce. Vegetables are incredibly sweet fresh and crunchy in Hong Kong… I don’t know why but it always ended up we have choi sam in almost every meal!

20151225_162536The mind blowing wanton noodles! Highly recommended.

DSC00135The bill, nah I m not sure. Refer to the menu pls 🙂 


Tsim Chai Kee (沾仔记)
Address: 98, Wellington St.
 Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours : 8am – 10 pm