HuaXi Food Street (华西街)

HuaXi Food Street (华西街) is located in Wan Hua Area (万华区)..

Actually there is a mini night market called HuaXi Street Night Market (华西街夜市) but since its still very early… most of the outlets are not open yet…

Ahhhh.. so emptyyy… T.T

So.. we decided to dine at the outlet just beside HuaXi Street Night Market.

Another recommended place by some Taiwan Food Show 😀

Simple menu which stands more than 10 years.

Oh Oh Oh.. let me recall what the Taiwan Food Show recommends!!

The ultimate must-try! Mixed Soup (四神汤)!! The traditional mixed soup consists of all kinda of porkie spare parts, barley and lotus seed. But the one recommended here only consists of barley and pork colon.. BUT… there is not even a lil bit of pork smell. Believe it!! I was so amazed its sweet and pepperish without even a faded smell of the pork inner parts. Even my bro and my mum who are afraid of porkie inner parts love this!! Imagine how nice it is. Accordingly to the show.. they say the reason the soup has no porkie smell is because they used sugarcane to boil it. It brings a lil bit of sweetness to the soup! *yum yum* Honestly.. it tasted like pork belly soup just that.. its far more yummylicious. Kekekekke!!! RECOMMENDED.

Oyster Omelet.. *loves* But still.. the one i had behind the alley is nicer. SEriously!

The side dish bar… take whatever you like..!!

I had sliced-porkie ear…! GIVE ME 10!!!! hohohoho!!

Boneless chicken feet!! 😀

The one i always wanted to try.. Taiwan’s special…. Milkfish belly rice!! 虱目鱼肚饭!!!

Awesome x100000000!! The milkfish is sooo tender… and the belly oil makes the perfect combination!! I miss this…. a lot a lot…. 🙁

But if you are those type who dont dare to try out new food… you can always go for the safe option.. Teppan chicken fried rice… 铁板鸡肉炒饭.

After feeding our tummy… We went back to the empty food street. huhuhu!

The famous boneless goose meat!! kekeke! This is in my must-eat-list but sadness…. Its not open yet when we were there..

Again.. another famous porkie leg mee sua… another must eat food but I was really full after bust stuffing myself with all the milkfish rice.. mixed soup… oyster omelet and so on.. i would LOVE to eat this but i really cant… T.T

Oh… theres one scary outlet who sell snake… poisonous snake meat? hhuhuhu! No photography allowed but there are a lot of cages storing real snakes in front of the shop. *scaryyyy*