Itacho Sushi AGAIN @ION Orchard

Comfort food comfort food comfort food. A short random post for one of my comfort food in Singapore. Itacho Sushi, being one of the restaurant that provides good quality Japanese food with reasonable prices. Read part 1 here.

No fancy introduction because I’ve blogged about Itacho Sushi already. Just some add ons for the food pictures! Hehehe!

Start off with the promo items.

20150531_141012_resizedSalmon with mentaiko and salmon with sea salt. Only SGD 0.40 each. 🙂 Very worth the price and these items are mostly in the promo list most of the time. Salmon is fresh and the burnt side with the condiments just compliment each other so so so well.20150531_135619_resizedFresh salmon sashimi slices. SGD 3.90 for 3 slices

20150531_135641_resized - CopyRoasted red shrimp. SGD 2.80. Not as sweet as I thought20150531_140228_resizedSweet shrimp. SGD 3.20. 

20150531_135939_resizedUnagi sushi, our all time favourite. SGD 3.20 per piece

20150531_140417_resizedWrapped unagi spring roll. SGD 3.60

20150531_142035_resizedSakura shrimp and cheese roll. SGD 4.20 for 2 pieces

20150531_142133_resizedRoasted fatty salmon sushi. SGD 1.70 per piece

20150531_135658_resizedChawanmushi with scallop. SGD 4.80. For the first time i feel like scallop is best use at other places instead of chawanmushi. So.. not very hero of the dish.

20150531_140213_resizedGrilled fatty salmon belly. SGD 15. 

20150531_140907_resizedMiso soup with clams. SGD 3.20

20150531_141122_resizedSea urchin in small rice bowl. SGD 15. The portion is just 1 small rice ball but sea urchin is fresh and sweet and the portion is generous for the uni. Like!

20150531_141639_resizedCurry croquette for SGD 3.90. After a huge portion of raw dishes, sometimes fried croquette is just a good choice to balance up your tummy. 

20150531_142056_resizedFried oyster. SGD 5. The thing about Itacho Sushi is.. they always have fresh seafood. Hence, although the oyster is fried, the oyster still remain the sweetness and the juiciness. Oh nom nom nom. 

20150531_142427_resizedFeasting with Le Bro and ahzui costs us around SGD 87. I know this blog post is a lil bit meaningless and bland. Hahaha! Brain jam outta words to write but just for the sake to update my pictures. Sorry pictures werent in the best quality because I am using my Note 4 to take. Tehehehe! Have a nice day people!