Itacho Sushi @ ION Orchard Singapore

The queuing wave continues in Itacho Sushi, ION Orchard.. 

DSC04026Itacho Sushi, one of a very dedicated sushi restaurant that serves good quality with reasonable price. I think thats the reason that draws the crowd as well 🙂

DSC04027But lucky us, we waited for only around 10 mins for our turn. Guess its because we are early for dinner. Teeehehehehe! 

DSC04084The seats are limited and everyone is like squuezing in a sardine can. We managed to be arranged at some corner seat. Nice! I always prefer corner seating in the restaurant because i feel more secure. Wuahahaha.

DSC04032Hello Itacho Sushi. 



DSC04033Apart from the usual menu.. they have these promotion price for certain sushi. Its cheap but i tried to order a lot some of the Salmon range and its all sold out. Why like that one… hmpf!

DSC04034Certainly cant wait for the food!

DSC04038And they have these very cute instruction on how to eat your sushi! Cute!

DSC04035Hot japanese green tea for the start!

DSC04042FOOOODD!!!!! Here we go!! One by one ok!

DSC04039Clam with butter & pepper sauce (SGD 4.00++, RM 10.40++) The butter sauce was so addictive. Give me some bread to dip in!!!!!

DSC04045Salmon Sashimi. 3 pieces a set. (SGD 3.90++, RM 10.15++)

DSC04048And one of the signature order from Itacho Sushi!!! The whole sea eel sushi. So satisfying whe you just gulp it all down! (SGD 6.20++, RM 16.20++)

DSC04049Grilled scallop with butter (SGD 6.60++, RM 17.20++)

DSC04052Cold sea cucumber (SGD 2.40++, RM 6.24++) 

DSC04058Roasted Fatty Salmon Sushi. We ordered 4 of these. Just so good, melted in your mouth with a slight aroma of the roast! (SGD 1.70++ each, RM 4.42++ each)

DSC04061Roasted Eel Sushi (SGD 3.20++ each, RM 8.32++ each)

DSC04062Deep fried chicken for nini who don’t eat raw food. Hehehe (SGD 6.00++, RM 15.60++)

DSC04064Salmon Lobster Salad Roll (SGD 2.90++, RM 7.54++)

DSC04068Scallop with Lobster (SGD 1.50++ each, RM 3.90++ each)

DSC04075Duck Breast Sushi (SGD 1.50++ each, RM 3.90++ each)

DSC04074And lastly Roasted Tuna Sushi with Sauce. (SGD 2.80++ each, RM 7.28++ each) I ordered 4 and instantly regretted. Huhuhu. Not as nice as the Roasted fatty salmon! 

DSC04080Keren.. can help eat one piece ma.. no one like the Roasted Tuna Sushi. huhuhu!


DSC03823_pAs usual selfie with my baby girl. Yes.. she follows me all the time. Muahahaha! *love love*

DSC04085The bill summed up to be SGD 76.95 aka RM 200 inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% of GST. Quite a decent meal tho.. Personal food rating : 6/10

Opening Hours : Sun – Thu  11.00 – 22.00

                              Fri & Sat  11.00 – 23.00