Tokyo 3 : Shopping at Harajuku & Shibuya

[26.11.2013] Day 3 is shopping day. It means that there will be less photos and even if there are.. those photos were all taken by my pathetic Samsung Note 2. 🙁

I woke up earlier.. as usual.. and Bun was still asleep.. Took a very quick shower and off i go to secretly explore the surroundings near my hotel.. alone. Wuahahaha.. It was so cold outside the only thing i did was to hope inside the shop every 2 mins i walked down the path. T.T

20131126_101501And i ended up.. surrendered to the icy cold weather and crawl back to the hotel room… with breakfast from Lawson 😀

After all the preparation.. we headed back to Harajuku. We wanted to shop in H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Evisu, Tokyu Plaza and all those because we gave up all of those during the exhaustion in Day 1. Muahahahaha! No pictures means busy shopping.

We ended up at Yoshinoya again because bun love it. This time, we ordered the set meal.

20131126_143903Bun’s salmon set meal


IMG_2959Salmon set include a corn salad, beef slices, miso soup and of coz salmon and rice.

IMG_2964*riceeee* how can you not love Japanese Rice!

20131126_144243Sorry lousy photos… *throw note2* And my slices pork rice.. *oh nom nom nom*

IMG_2961Haih.. im hungry now.. posting about my pork slices. *mish mish* I think everything goes extra yummier if you mixed the crunchy spring onions with it 😀

We shopped for like the whole afternoon and headed back to hotel to put our stuff *grin*

20131126_164246Oh oh oh.. i wanted to eat Angel crepe one more time before i left these wonderful country… But i duno why.. out of sudden.. i made a decision with lead to big disappointment. T__T

IMG_2965i chose to try Marion Crepe…

IMG_2966which is just opposite Angel crepe…

IMG_2969But the taste is like zillion miles apart. SADNESSSSSS!!! I wanted to get another angel crepe but bun was shocked of my dinasour tummy so… *cry back*

Shibuya was the plan after Harajuku.



20131126_203617The famous Shibuya crossing. It was so much grand and amazing if you saw it with you own eyes. The pictures do no justice to everything in Shibuya.

20131126_204717Im like a kampung girl feeling stunned and amazed by everything in Shibuya. Now only me and bun were like thinking.. Oh… Harajuku is just peanuts. >.<



20131126_184727The high rising towers, the luxurious buildings and malls, they have zaras jus few blocks away fom each other… even Forever 21 is like 8 floor high. *seriously*



20131126_185351Branded outlet where you can find ties and clothes that costs few thousands RM. 🙂

20131126_194159Sad enough most of the malls and outlets closed at 10pm. We dont wan to leave Shibuya this early so we decided to grab our supper. Yakitori again! I mean.. whats the best thing to do during winter right? EAT EAT EAT and EAT ^^

Bun came across this random shop located on the 3rd floor.. Good choice.. the queue is long..

20131126_220053The system works this way. Paid like 800 Yen and get ur beers free flow. But every half and hour they topped up. We opt for free flow soft drinks at 298 Yen per half an hour..

This restaurant is fully Japanese. unlike those we went previously.. at least theres some chinese working and they can explain to us. This is like a pure japanese restaurant for locals. For the first time, we feel so lost… because… the menu has no pictures as all too 🙁

Lucky enough for us, the Jap guy beside our table speak some english and he actually helped us ordered everything. Thankiuk Koha.

20131126_212319He even treated us some seaweed fried rice while we were waiting for our food to come..

20131126_214000Not long later.. Tada… the yakitori sticks were served and only then we know what are we going to eat. Buahahaha!

Theres a chilli garlic sauce beside.. Just dip your yakitori stick.. Like this!

anigifAnd *oh nom nom nom*

Apart from that, we ordered Kim chi stone bowl which i forgot to take pic =_= and this soft tender “melt-in-your-mouth” pork slices sushi. OMG.

20131126_213702You just cant imagine how juicy and soft it is..

We were happily eating when suddenly koha (our japenese guy beside) gave us this 2 little bowl of side dishes..

20131126_215110Squid sashimi & HORSE sashimi.. *horseee!!! *horror*

20131126_215346*stir stir stir stir*

20131126_220118I used to be a very adventurous girl.. i love trying all diff kind of food.. BUT.. horse sashimi just… maybe i keep thinking of horse… and my papa horoscope is Horse as well. Its like eating my papa. *horror* So end up i chewed a bit and split it out. Sorry Koha. But you were really nice. (of coz koha left while i split the horsie out) T.T

20131126_191448We managed to catch the train back just before 12. Well.. it was a great experience eating like a japanese. Muahahaha!

20131126_225849Bun continue this Crayon shin chan while busy throwing up in the toilet.. *horsieeee*

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