Jeju Island/Seoul 3 : Cheonjeyon waterfall, Supjikoji Light house, Women Divers, Sungsan Runrise Peak, Manjang Cave, Jeju Seafood Pot, Jeju Abalone, Sea Urchin Soup, Jeju Tangerine, New Year Count Down in Seoul

Jeju Island/Seoul 3 (31.12.2013) : Third day and also our last day in Jeju Island. Wonderful place, just too much to explore and too little time for Jeju. We will miss your food you. Hehehe.. Mr Lim pick up at around 9am as usual to this famous waterfall. Cheonjeyon Waterfall.


IMG_4603It was tall and beautiful. I dont really fancy waterfalls to be honest.. just come for the sake of not wanting to miss that out. Hehehe!



IMG_4617We spend less than half an hour there but we always enjoy selfie. Hehehe!

We wanted to skip this Supjikoji Light House but Mr Lim strongly recommend us to go there. He said a lot of korean dramas cast their scene there and it is a very very beautiful place.

IMG_4622And so we were there. We saw the women divers. So cool, one of the cultural in Jeju Island. These women divers aged from 30 to 60 can just dive in the sea without any support equipment. This is what they do for living. Everyday, everywhere regardless how cold the sea water is. Very impressive.

IMG_4653Mr.Lim also shared there is not much women divers left because nowadays.. the generation today no longer practice these.


IMG_4650Mr.Lim was right. These place is truly beautiful.

IMG_4680The light house is not the main point.. walking around the place just makes you happy. Of coz.. selfie along all the way nah. Wuahahaha!!

IMG_4665There is this turkish ice cream teasing the little kids. Hehehe. I realised there are turkish ice cream almost everywhere in Korea.

IMG_4675And one thing you shouldnt miss. The grilled squid. For me, i love it!

IMG_4686Oh.. and especially those grilled seafood. Fresh catch from the women divers. Directly from the sea!

We only have around 1 hour to explore the place because we need to catch a flight in the evening. Mr.Lim is trying his best to bring us to as many places as he can. Appreciate it Mr.Lim.

IMG_4689Next destination will be the Sungsan Sunrise Peak. One of my fav place but it was also one of the deadliest place for my parents. Why lei? Look so nice right

IMG_4691And they were preparing for the New year countdown that particular night so the whole place was like.. wow!

And this is why my parents were like… moaning about..


1 hour? 2 hours? Papa mama they were like superman and superwoman.we actually made it to the very top… Nope.. not this one..





IMG_4772This one is just somewhere in the middle…

IMG_4761SUNRISE PEAK.. this one!!! I bet its really for sunrise because there is nothing much up there..

IMG_4784Huhuhuhuhuhu… It was not as magnificent as i thought.

IMG_4792We went down for lunch after the dreadful journey. Mr.Lim say we are going to have Jeju SEAFOOD!! *overjoy*


IMG_4818This pot of seafood greatness! Fresh abalone, fresh clams, fresh prawns.. fresh seafood.. everything is still alive we are going to eat them… watch them squeezing and fighting in the hot boiling water until they were all dead. Huhuhu.. But they were really delicious. One of the best meal. and… most important of all. its cheap. Seriously cheap.

IMG_4825Sea urchin soup. My top list in Jeju Island. Satisfied.

IMG_4827Thank you for this wonderful lunch. It is worth every penny paid.

IMG_4831This is the shop. Huhuhuhu. Duno how to pronounce. I hope picture helps

IMG_4836 Last pic of the Sungsan sunrise peak before we proceed to our last destination.

The Manjang Cave. One of the UNESCO world heritage. Jeju Volcanic Lava Tube.

IMG_4849Too bad we couldnt finish the walk because the cave is really really huge.. by the time we around 1/4 of the cave, we already used up half an hour time, so another half an hour is to turn back because we need to rush for our evening flight. Huhuhuhu!

IMG_4878Good Bye Jeju Island. You have been awesome!

This perfect tour guide Mr.Lim actually bought 2 Jeju Tangerine for us to try!!

pageHow thoughtful! keren… happpy mou?

IMG_4901And the one hour flight took us safely to Seoul. This is the last minute room we can find. Hmmm.. not too bad for location wise.

Oh.. Happy New Year.


p/s: There is no fireworks during the korean count down for new year. It shocked me because its just… count down and cheers without fireworks. Hmmmm!