JiuFen & ShiFen : Day 5

JiuFen & ShiFen – Day 5. Woke up early in the morning, grab a quick meal and head to JiuFen. Jiu Fen is like an old street located uplands in a more rural area. However, it is definately one of the busiest tourist place to go in Taiwan. How to get there? Easy. Go to Taipei Main Station, follow the line to the Train area grab a ticket and go to RuiFang. When you reach RuiFang train Station.. Just merely walk out from the station.. go to the opposite bus station and there will be a free shuttle straight to JiuFen. 😀 If you are not very sure about it, the locals will be more willing to guide you.

The tunnel when i reached RuiFang Train Station to the exit way.

Another new route that the local guided, go to the left side (exactly like on the photo), walked for 2 minutes until you see a police station, walked further up and there will be a shuttle to JiuFen 😀

Hello JiuFen. The weather was cooler as compared to Taipei during Spring.

The old street of JiuFen

Attracted by this shop selling all kinds of fish balls. Shark balls. hahaha! Well, the main attraction is actually the hundreds of photos of the taukenio hanging on the wall. wow!

Nothing much to shout about..

except if you like big balls

Jiu Fen is a beautiful place.. i dint get to take much of the food photo as it was very crowded that day.. struggling to finish up the food while squuueeezing my way out..

This particular shop is a MUST TRY. Long Long queue. they buy in boxes.. seriously! i only bought 2 (NTD 10 each) for trail so i can jump a bit of the queue. OMG. i have no idea what that was but its certainly delicious!

Another must try is the handmade taro balls dessert. There are a lot a lot of shops selling similiar products.. However, only this one is the VERY NICE one. 阿柑姨芋圆. please remember this name. Only tis one is nice. Ahbuu is loving it!

Other than that, you can try lotsa different exotic food while enjoying the nice view of the mountains.

My personal suggestion.. or should say something that i would do during the next visit..

Stay overnight for just one night a this beautiful place.. especially for couples..

Bring your love one can enjoy the quiet and romantic place…walked around the old street when the sun goes down.. they have plenty of beautiful hostel for rent..

Take note ya!

How to go to SHiFen : Go to the bus station beside 7/11 at JIuFen. There will be a bus bringing you back to RuiFang Train Station. And from RuiFang train station, take a train straight to ShiFen 🙂

Around 5pm.. Proceed to ShiFen. ShiFen is another old train trail where is it very famous of sky lantern. DUring the festival.. you can see hundreds n hundreds of beautiful sky lantern released into the sky. How i wish to see.

Its just one way street. And experience something that you will never get in the city.. When the train honks.. everyone will grab their things and go outta the railway trail. Yes.. the train is still operating.. on that particular railway trail. hehe!

The whole street is selling sky lantern… You can just choose the shop you like, pay the money and start writing your wish..

Heres the colour for the meanings. Yes you r right.. i got myself the 4 colours one. Greedy ma! hahahahaha!

Yeahhh.. Mine. Hopefully all the wishes are heard.

My sky lantern flew high. It must be a good sign. hehehe! Apart from that.. shiFen is famous for the magnificent waterfall deep inside the park.. however, i don wanna miss the sky lantern so i opt not to go. Well, theres always a next time right 😀