Kaohsiung Travel Guide 1 : Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市,Taiwanese Restaurant Mai Yan Shun 卖盐顺台菜馆,Love River 爱河, Mei Li Dao Station 美丽岛站

And from Chia Yi we proceed to our last city of our Taiwan Trip – Kaohsiung City! We had very limited time at Kaohsiung but we manage to squueze in everything we wanted to visit. And this is how my bag look like carrying two of my babies while travelling.

First destination after we checked in to our hotel is to hunt for local restaurant serving authentic taiwanese cuisine. My papa especially missed the pan seared pork liver dish so I managed to find one restaurant that served this particular dish. The restaurant is called mai yan shun (卖盐顺台菜馆).

We arrived slightly after 1.30pm but its still full house, we waited for around 20 mins and we were finally been seated. They closed at 2pm but still kind enough to let us in. Feel so blessed! Time to noms!

First thing first, the pan seared pork liver! It tasted as good as those we had in Taipei. Food craving fixed! We don’t usually have this in Malaysia but this method of making pork liver is a bomb! Please try while you go Taiwan. Taipei restaurant selling the best pan seared pork liver will be the famous Shin Yeh Restaurant.

Taiwanese fried rice with chinese sausages and pineapple. The fried rice is sauteed until fragrant with the additional touch of the essence from the chinese sausages and sweetness from the pineapple. You all know i love sweet and savoury combination.

Crispy Salted Prawn. Prawn is fresh and it all that matters
Braised Eggplant that everyone loves
I love taiwan veg. its just so simple and sweet

Duck blood and pork intestines stew! One of the famous dishes in Taiwan. I love this stew but the portion is too big for just 2 person. My bro and mum doesn’t like all the blood and innards thing so…

Their today’s special – Steamed garden chicken. I love how soft and slippery the chicken is. I am not sure what they used to marinate this chicken but the flavor is good. A little wine i assumed.

Stir Fried Clams

So we flooded our table with food! What a happy start for Kaohsiung City ventures!

Happy Tummy Happy Faces

And so we walked to the love river which is just around the corner before we go back to hotel for a rest.

The weather is very hot. We quickly snap a few pictures and surrender. Hot weather doesnt suit me at all.

First day was simple and relax. We basically rest at our hotel and just took our sweet time napping, youtubing until our hungry tummy wakes us up. Yay! its time for food again!!

Liu he Night Market. One of the famous night market in Kaohsiung and it is near to our place, just 2 to 3 mins walk how convenient!

We had our proper dinner at one of the stall selling soup and braised pork before we hunt for some snacks. Random choice but a good one. Just look at all the stuff he sell. Mama say she wanna come back for the food again tomorrow.

And then we had the must try papaya milk. Just look at the signatures on the signboard… and the queue… but the service is fast and the papaya milk is a happy outcome.

The stall selling all kinds of lamb dishes.

Grilled Prawns

And my favourite grilled mochi. Not the best here but I still like it

Look at the shinning porkie!!!!

We took home a pork bun as we were too full to devour anything at the moment.

d the cutest thing at Liu He! A baby stroller with a Pomeranian!

We then went to visit the iconic mei li dao station. It was said to be the prettiest station in Taiwan. I can totally relate that!

Papa and Mama <3

And so this is our day 1. Relax, free and easy!