Kelantan food at Belanga, Midvalley

Went to Kelantan, or Kota Bharu specifically for a business trip two years ago and it totally change my perception towards this little small town in the north-east of Peninsula Malaysia. Before I even stepped in this state, I have zero idea of how the state would look like. Lucky enough for me, it was a business trip, I have a lot of fun colleagues going together with me and of cause, the locals as well. 

One thing that really stays in my memory is the awesome food in Kelantan! Ever since i tasted the food in Kelantan, i fell in love with this state. I wanted to go back to Kelantan again! 

initpintu_pWith lots of love, these are some of the finger licking food in Kelantan. (Clockwise : Lim Siong Kee Beef Noodles, Lekor-lekor, Keropok Ikan with special dip sauce and Nasi Kukus with ayam goreng)

546195_10150802334676829_1864961062_nAnd the utmost love of mine —– Nasi Dagang Pokok Cherry!! Ask the locals, it was located at some place under a cherry tree, i guess thats why they called it Nasi Dagang Pokok Cherry. It doesnt look appetizing but… the taste is just… mind blowing!!! Can you feel my love towards this Nasi Dagang? Even when i am writing it now like 2 years later, my palate is still dancing 🙂

Okay.. enough of my love for Kelantan Food, Thanis.. please DO NOT lure me with Kelantan Food when you going next month. Hmpf! Was craving for Kelantan Food the other day when I was in KL and this is where we ended up at. 

DSC03592Belanga, located in the mist of a heavy crowd in Midvalley, serving the most authentic Kelantan food.  For all these years I have been walking pass this outlet but never knew it would be that nice. Or is it because i miss Kelantan Food that much thats why I like the food there. 🙂

DSC03400Nasi Tumpang. Rice packed in a cone-shaped banana leave

DSC03404Nasi Tumpang consist of eggs, chicken floss, shrimp curry, sweet gravy and different types of spices and sambal. This beautiful layers of Nasi Tumpang. *slurps*

DSC03401Nasi Dagang with chicken curry. 

DSC03403Not to compare with the Nasi Dagang Pokok Cherry. It is delicious. The rice itself is very very appetizing. 

DSC03412Laksam. One of the Kelantan food Must-Eat. It was served with white gravy with coconut milk. And the white gravy isnt like other gravy. It was actually minced fish. Should really give it a try if you have’nt.

DSC03416And of the very elements of a Kelantan Laksam is this one! The rolled noodles. It goes perfectly with the fish gravy. *yums*

2854366965_e7596095a5_mImage on Rolled Noodles I get from the Internet. It is how it looks like in case it doesnt look very obvious in my pictures. 🙂

DSC03408Not only that, the cucur udang is a blast as well. Cucur udang is like prawn fritters, just that it uses the prawn paste instead of flour. 

DSC03409Once you start to munch it, you just cant seems to stop eating it. Together with the sweet sauce…. Oh nom nom nom*

Ahhhhh! When can we plan a Kelantan Food Marathon Trip again? *innocent watery eyes*

DSC03605_p-selfie selfie-