Korean Strawberry

For strawberry lovers out there! This post is specially for you. Hehehehehe…! 

20140102_214140I dint get to try their persimmon!!! SADNESSS….!!! Huhuhuhu.. but anyhow i manage to get strawberries instead. Hehehe

The 2 differences between their strawberries and our strawberries are :

IMG_51051.) They are so sweet. Not even a bit sourish. Until you eat it. then you know what do i mean 🙂

IMG_51112.) Their strawberries are juicy… hell lot of juice… When u take a bite, the juice just burst

IMG_5114Even my papa who is not a fan of strawberries cant resist to take the second piece. hohoho!


20140102_214227And i bet kids gonna love it too <3