Take a break for Phuket  posts! lets talkl about food! huhuhuhuhu..

Dar brought me to this korean restaurant last week.. huhuhu! he said as a dinner for my start of another new chapter woh! hehehe.. in short.. bcoz i work so he bring me go eat lah. haha.. nth special… *keke*

So this Koreana is located at Premier 101.. slightly behind.. its somewhere beside the Pos Laju thing and its somewhere near Asian Recipe. ^^

It happened to be the BEST korean restaurant so far… for all those i have tried lah. ^^

I ordered lime juice and its extremely sour.. ish! Dar ordered Japanese Traditional Green Tea and its superb! Its not just normal green tea… Guess what it taste like?

ANd Basically we ordered 2 mains and its more than enuf for both of us.. For your information.. all the side dish can be refilled.. AS MANY TIME AS YOU WANT…!!!

Black bean and kimchi are my favourite.. i had 2 rounds for that. *teehehe*

This is Bulgogi.. Stir-fry beef in korean style. wooots! Thumbs up for that!! The meat is JUICy.. most importantly.. its soft and tender.. Bulgogi is to be served with vege.. and their special paste..

So you actually have to wrap it like that and here you go!! HEAVEN!

ANother dish wil be the.. hmm.. i forgotten the name.. haha.. nvm.. will check it out next time.. kaka.. YES.. means i m going back for dinner again.. VERY SOON!!! Its some kinda spicy tofu soup.. but its special. haha.. i know i cant stop praising the food. The fact is.. they are really good.

I think so far this is the BEST korean restaurant we have here.. I have tried the one at Jalan Song.. well.. i think that one rank number 2.. but the disadvantage about the jln song one is that all the side dish knot be refilled. (To served unlimited side dish is one of the culture of korean. It was to make sure their guest really have their tummy filled.. but guess wad? almost all the korean restaurant in Kuching abolish that tradition.. so wads the point?).. Okay.. nevermind.. at least Jln Song still served nice korean food…The WORST one will be the Seoul Garden around 3rd Mile area.. the meat is terribly DRY and.. u can barely taste the originality of the food. No Offense but its TRUE

In conclusion.. Koreana=must try! For those who loves korean food.. you must not missed it.. for those who do not fancy korean food.. Have a try as well.. i m sure you will love it..

Oh.. one more thing.. Its rather PRICY... The least for food.. RM 17 .. but i don think you can get any impressive one in this range of price.. RM 32 onwards might help to awaken your taste bud more effectively. kekekeke!