Melbourne : DonDon Japanese, Ayiguli, Mekong Restaurant, Max Brenner, Melbourne Central

Do expect a lot of post during weekends because.. weekend is staying at home with ahzui. 🙁 Staying home = plenty time to spare = blog 

Dig out my old photos and start post things up slowly 🙂 Keep myself busy. Today will be blogging about a simple day in Melbourne. Just around Melbourne CBD, just along Swanston Street or the intersect. Very convenient and its just a walking distance from Punthill Apartment Hotel Flinders Lane.

Heres our route for today : 



1. Best Vietnamese Pho : Pho Bo Ga Mekong, 241 Swanston St

IMG_5680Maybe not the best pho in Melbourne but it definately defeated all the pho(S) i’ve tried (1987-2014) even the one i had in Vietnam. It raised the standard of pho to me, (very high) and maybe thats the reason why i always nag about how sucky the pho can be in Malaysia. 

IMG_5657I get very nasty and bitchy sometimes especially when my mood is very bad and people keep telling me how good this food is and so on. I know maybe its their preference but sometimes i just wanna shout like… you never try good food isit!!! Roarrr! Thats when my mood is really bad na. Sorry sorry. Anyway, here’s the review of my favourite pho in Melbourne —> Click Click

2. The cheap & delicious : Don Don Japanese, 198, Little Lonsdale St

IMG_6213Don Don, a very small outlet serving Japanese food. Theres only like less than 10 seats in the outlet so, either you eat it fast or you take away. Fast food concept i guess, the service is fast. Food will be served within few minutes after payment is made. The portion is very generous, all price is less than AUD 10, which is very worth it. 

IMG_6209I had the Salmon Sashimi Don i supposed. Salmon is fresh.

IMG_6211 Beef Curry Don. Equally Delicious. 

3. The XingJiang Cuisine : Ayiguli, 323 Swanston St

IMG_6216Just a so so for me to be honest. But the business is quite good

IMG_6217We had XingJiang BBQ Lamb

IMG_6226and the heart 😀

IMG_6222And their tradition meat and vege puff

4. State Library of Victoria


IMG_6234Yea.. not some eatery place, just get to stroll along the park after some heavy brunch.

IMG_6229Take some effort and visit the State Library. It is impressive

IMG_6230And Beautiful

5. The chocolate Bar : Max Brenner, Melbourne Central

IMG_6241Lets talk about Max Brenner, i’ve been to Max Brenner a few times already but i’ve yet to go Koko Black. Cant compare those two but i am sure most of the people love them.

IMG_6242The signature HugMug.

IMG_6247The Kangaroo

IMG_6255and my all-time favourite — The Suckao

IMG_6252You can add your own chocolate into the hot milk

IMG_6256Adjust your own favourite hot chocolate

IMG_6244Not only that, the dessert is a must. Tutti Frutti Waffle. Belgian waffles served with ice cream, strawberry and bananas. Good enough



IMG_6239After the satisfying dessert, you can always explore or shop in Melbourne Central. 


IMG_6262And the rest of the day, go explore the city. Go anyhow you like because its not easy to get lost in the city. 

IMG_6265_pAnd don forget to snap more photos. Like what i’ve got — piggy look like doggie 😀