Melbourne : Sarah’s

huhuhu.. too many photos to edit.. so i think i will just post some foodies’ one to lure ur appetite first.. *nyek nyek*

Its eating time again hor!!! Look at all those pictures to find out how did 1 gain my 2 kg extra weight! *hmpf*

Nana say there is a very fine italian restaurant near our area.. Glenferrie.. so in that very evening.. nana, ying zhen and i just walk there to have our dinner..

We have the very famous Lasagna.. that nana recommended.. ooosei… nice can!! so much better than the one we had at Swanston Walk.. One best thing about the lasagna is like its so cheeesy… its cheesy and moist.. with lotsa mince beef tackle among each layer.. its a very heavy-tasted dish which i believe everyone would want to have a bite of it.. ^^

Tuesday’s special.. i forgot the name di.. but tis chicken with lotsa cheese toppings!! Althought its a chicken breast.. the texture is still soft.. it is not only salty and cheesy.. the tomato spread underneath the cheese give the chicken a tase of sweetness.. *droolsss*

And my favourite Avocado… !! in Pizzzaaa!!! If u like avocado.. u will love this dish.. its not as heavy as those two so the avocado pizza actually provide the perfect match for the whole dinner.. =)

So here’s my nana..

and us..!! so.. wads so special about this post???!

ITs Because…..


I found out the ultimate truth about my dar!!!

UUUiikkkssss!!! He is made of Mushrooom.. Olivess.. and Fetttaa!!! eeeeeeee……